Record review / Play display

The A900 has four different record review (instant playback) / play displays; Image only, Image & information, Image & histograms (including blinking highlights/shadows) and a hybrid filmstrip/image view (shows last 5 shots as thumbs across the top). Record review will use the last selected play mode display format. During record review you can press the delete button to delete the image or the magnify button for a quick close-up view (useful for checking focus / blur). Note that blinking highlights / shadows are only shown in the histogram display mode (which is a pity).

Image only Image and basic information
Image, full shooting data and histogram (RGB and Luminance histograms) 'Film strip' thumbnails + image


Press the 'magnify in' button to display the image at the previously used magnification level. Use the controller to scroll around the image, the rear dial to change the magnification, the center button (on the controller) to switch to loupe mode (example below) and the front control dial to browse through images while remaining magnified.

Initial magnification (previous used) Turn the rear control dial to change the magnification level (fro 1.1x to 19x) and the joystick to move around the image. You can use the front dial to scroll from one image to the next.
Press the button in the middle of the controller to switch to loupe mode; move the loupe using the controller, change the magnification level using the rear dial again. Press the center button again to return to magnify mode, press the magnify button to exit

Thumbnail index

The play mode menu allows you to select between 4, 9 or 25 thumbnails in index view. You can jump one page at a time using the rear control dial and you can jump from folder to folder (if you have more than one folder created) by pressing the button in the middle of the multi controller.

Four image index Nine image index
25 image index