Menus cont..

Play menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Delete  • Marked frames
Selection index
 • All images

Format  • Enter
Protect  • Marked images
Selection index
 • All images
 • Cancel all
DPOF setup  • Marked images
Selection index
 • All on card
No. of copies?
 • Cancel all
Date Imprint  • On
 • Off
Index print  • Create Index
 • Delete Index
Playback Display  • Auto Rotate
 • Manual Rotate
Page two
Slide show  • Enter  
Interval  • 30 sec
 • 10 sec
 • 5 sec
 • 3 sec
 • 1 sec

Setup menu

The last menu is the Setup menu which allows you to configure general camera settings (mostly digital related) such as USB transfer modes, video output etc. This menu is split across three pages.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
LCD brightness  • Enter
Low (-5) to High (+5)
Info. disp. time  • 1 min
 • 30 sec
 • 10 sec
 • 5 sec
How long the recording information stays displayed on the LCD if no buttons are pressed.
Power save  • 30 min
 • 10 min
 • 5 min
 • 3 min
 • 1 min
The amount of time before the camera enters 'sleep' state, it can be woken by a half-press of the shutter release or one of the LCD buttons
Video output  • NTSC
 • PAL
HDMI output  • HD (1080i) priority
 • HD (720p) priority
 • SD priority
Language  • English
 • French
 • Spanish
 • Italian
 • Chinese (Simplified)
 • Chinese (Traditional)
Varies by region
Date/Time set  • Enter
Date format
Page two
Memory Card  • CompactFlash
 • Memory Stick
File number  • Series
 • Reset
Folder name  • Standard form
 • Date form
Select folder  • 100MSDCF
 • 101MSDCF
 • etc.
New folder  • Enter Creates a new running number folder
Transfer mode  • Mass storage
 • PTP
 • Remote PC
- USB 'mass storage device'
- For PictBridge etc
- For Remote Camera Control
MassStrg.card  • Both cards
 • Selected card
Which cards appear in the PC when connected via USB
Page three
Menu Start  • Top
 • Previous
Lets you choose to always display the last selected menu screen when you next hit the MENU button.
Delete confirm  • "Delete" first
 • "Cancel" first
Set the default option for the delete confirm box
Audio signals  • On
 • Off
Cleaning mode  • Enter
Enables manual cleaning of the sensor by locking up the mirror and opening the shutter.
Reset default  • Enter Displays a 'Reset Default? OK /Cancel dialog box.