Top of camera controls (right)

Most of the camera's photographic controls are clustered in the right-hand corner of the camera and are reached either with the thumb or forefinger. The squared-off nature of the top of the camera means that none of the buttons on the top can be reached without shifting hand position (even for those with long fingers) though, which impacts on the ergonomics.

Control Dial

The A350, like many entry-level DSLRs, has to make do with just a single control dial. This is seldom a problem because the popular Shutter and Aperture priority modes only require one variable to be regularly changed. In Manual mode the control dial can be configured to change either shutter or aperture and Sony uses the conventional 'Exposure compensation button + dial' combination to adjust the other setting.

The control dial can also be used to scroll through menus and through settings screens brought up by the ISO, drive button and so forth. The only time its use is inconsistent is in bracketing mode, during which you have to press the AEL button (rather than Exposure comp.), to change the shutter speed or aperture.

Buttons (shooting mode)

Changing ISO (not all settings shown) Changing drive mode (not all settings shown)

Pressing the ISO, drive mode or exposure compensation buttons on the top of the camera brings up a dedicated menu for that function - you cannot directly change settings from the information screen as you can with the Alpha 700.


Drive mode (turn front dial or use four-way controller to change setting)

• Single frame advance
• Continuous advance
• Self-timer (Press left/right to choose 10 or 2 seconds)
• Continuous bracketing (press left/right to select exposure step)
• Single frame bracketing (press left/right to select exposure step)
• White balance bracketing (press left/right to select Hi / Lo step)

Exposure compensation / Flash Output control

Hold this button and turn the dial to change from the metered exposure using the on-screen scale.


ISO (turn dial whilst pressed to change setting)

Hold this button and turn the control dial to change the ISO (sensitivity) setting in 1EV steps.

• Available values: AUTO, ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200

Control dial

Used to change settings and navigate menus, by default also used to select shutter speed (or aperture if you'd prefer) in M mode. The front dial is also used for scrolling through images in playback mode.