Top of camera controls (left)

On the top left of the camera is the Function dial. This method of accessing a range of camera settings is both easy to understand and fast, it was last seen on the Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2 and in my opinion makes a very welcome return on the A100. The only other control here is the power switch.

Function dial

Simply select the setting you wish to adjust and then press the central 'Fn' button to display an on-screen menu of options, either use the control dial or 4-way controller to make changes. Again a press of any other button (such as a shutter release half-press) will return the camera to shooting mode. Some certain settings (flash mode, focus mode, white balance and DEC) have multiple sub-options which have to be navigated using the 4-way controller.

Metering mode [clip]

 • Multi-segment (40 segment)
 • Center weighted average
 • Spot
Flash mode / compensation [clip]

 • Auto
 • Fill-flash (forced on)
 • Rear
 • Wireless
Flash compensation [clip]

Set the flash power compensation from -2 EV to +2 EV in 0.3 EV steps.

AF area [clip]

 • Wide AF area
 • Spot AF area (center)
 • Focus area selection

AF mode [clip]

 • Single-shot AF
 • Direct Manual Focus
 • Automatic AF
 • Continuous AF
ISO ISO sensitivity / Zone matching [clip]

This function position allows you to select the ISO sensitivity. Also available are two 'zone matching' sensitivities. Lo80 is for use in low key situations to maintain shadow detail. Hi200 is for use in high key situations to maintain maximum highlight detail.

 • Auto (100 - 800)
 • 100
 • 200
 • 400
 • 800
 • 1600
 • Lo80
 • Hi 200
WB White balance [clip]

 • Auto
 • Preset
 • Color temperature (2500 - 9900 K)
 • Manual (Recall / Set)
White balance presets [clip]

 • Daylight
 • Shade
 • Cloudy
 • Tungsten
 • Fluorescent
 • Flash
D-R Dynamic Range

Allows you to select Dynamic Range processing mode, note that the 'Standard' mode introduces no performance hit (it applies a gamma adjustment to the entire image), 'Advanced' mode requires an additional 0.5 second processing per image as it adjusts specific areas of the image. Note that Advanced mode can not be used above ISO 400, neither mode works in Manual exposure or when metering is anything other than multi-segment).

 • Off
 • Standard (D-R)
 • Advanced (D-R+)
DEC Color mode / DEC [clip]

 • Standard
 • Vivid
 • Portrait
 • Landscape
 • Sunset
 • Night view
 • B&W
 • Adobe RGB
Image parameters [clip]

 • Contrast (-2 to +2)
 • Saturation (-2 to +2)
 • Sharpness (-2 to +2)