Picture Motion Browser Ver 1.1 (contd.)

Image information

The floating 'Image information' window is available in any of the view modes and provides a more detailed list of shooting information for the selected image. There are however two pieces of important information it doesn't report, the lens used and the Dynamic Range Optimization mode (and also Steadyshot mode, although this is less critical). This does sort of give away that PMB was originally developed before the DSLR-A100.

Other browsing features

The following features are generally available:

  • Import images
  • Register viewed folders

The following features are available with a single or multiple images selected:

  • Print [clip]
  • Rotate (clockwise / counter-clockwise)
  • Export to memory card [clip]
  • Open with external program (eg. Image Data Converter SR)
  • Hide images / Unhide images
  • Delete images
  • View / edit (switches to view/edit mode as detailed on the next page)
  • Slideshow
  • E-mail images [clip]
  • Batch date change [clip]
  • Resize and save
  • Image information

View / edit mode

Double click on an image in browse mode or select the view / edit option and a new window opens which shows the selected image at a larger size along with a vertical strip of thumbnails from the current view mode. You can click on a thumbnail in the strip to display it on the right. In view mode you can of course zoom in and out of the image as well as having quick access to 'fit to window' and 'actual pixels' (100%; example). It's worth noting that you can not view RAW files at 100% and that PMB appears to be rendering the embedded JPEG rather than actually decoding the RAW file.

A small range of editing features are available for JPEG images (for RAW the edit drop-down simply provides a link to Image Data Converter SR).

  • Automatic correction
  • Brightness correction [clip]
  • Saturation
  • Sharpness
  • Tone curve [clip]
  • Red-eye Reduction
  • Trimming [clip]