The DSLR-A100 is provided with a software CD-ROM which contains:

  • Picture Motion Browser Ver 1.1
  • Image Data Converter SR Ver 1.1

Picture Motion Browser Ver 1.1

Picture Motion Browser is an all new application which provides a fast and uniquely animated interface for image browsing, organizing and manipulation. It's a considerable step on from 'Picture Package Viewer' which was provided with the DSC-R1. (Note that while it's new to Sony's digital camera range PMB did first make its appearance with the DPP-FP35/FP55 dye-sub printers).

Importing / registering images

Picture Motion Browser can be used to import images directly from the camera (or card reader) as well as monitoring particular folders on your hard disk (useful if like me you prefer to manage images in your own folder structure).

Import Images
Allows you to import images directly from a connected camera or card reader.
Register Folders
Allows you to select which folders on your hard disk are monitored for viewing in PMB.

Calendar view

Picture Motion Browser provides two main view modes, Folders and Calendar. Probably the most useful and powerful of the two is Calendar view. It starts with a year overview which shows twelve months along with thumbnails of images taken on each day of the month. If you hover your mouse over a particular day or month the total number of images taken will be shown.

Month / Day views

Click on a month and you are taken to the month view (seen below), and again then click on a day and you are taken to the day view which shows image thumbnails in a short of diary display with hours shown down the left hand side. Double-click on an image at any point to view or edit it, in day view you can move the thumbnail size slider on the toolbar.

Month view
Click on a day to switch to day view, scroll up and down to change month.
Day view
Shows images in an hour-by-hour diary format (based on the recorded time taken). Click here for the same view but with larger thumbnail size.

A unique animated interface

At this stage it's probably worth demonstrating the rather unique animated interface implemented in Picture Motion Browser, as you move around images and frames slide in and out smoothly and thumbnails are automatically arranged in an animated fashion. Difficult to explain but much easier to understand in a video capture, click on the image below to see a video of Picture Motion Browser in action (warning, this video is just over 2 MB and requires Flash).

Folders view

The other view mode is Folders, this provides a list of folder names under Month subheadings, click on a folder to view its contents (or click on 'All images' to see everything). In this view mode you can change the thumbnail size, view type (thumbnails or list), specify what is shown (everything, just images, just videos) and also how images are grouped (by year/month/date taken, image size, file size, camera or file type).

Folders view also provides a list view option which can be customized to show certain elements of the recorded shooting information as well as the filename and a thumbnail.