Custom Menu

In addition to the record menu options the A100 also has two pages of custom menu options which allow for personalization of the camera such as the function of various buttons, focusing modes etc.

Custom menu options

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Priority setup  • AF
 • Release

Choose whether the camera will release the shutter without focus lock

Focus Hold button  • Focus hold
 • DOF preview
AEL button  • AE hold
 • AE toggle
 • Spot AE hold
 • Spot AE toggle
Choose if the AEL button must be held or toggles AE lock, additionally this can be set to spot meter instead
Ctrl dial set  • Shutter speed
 • Aperture
Sets the function of the control dial
Exp. comp. set  • Ambient & flash
 • Ambient only
AF illuminator  • On
 • Off
Page two
Shutter lock  • On: no card
 • Off: no card
When set to On the shutter can not be released when no card inserted
Shutter lock  • On: no lens
 • Off: no lens
When set to On the shutter can not be released when no lens is attached
AF area setup  • 0.3 sec display
 • 0.6 sec display
 • Display off
Controls how long the selected AF area is illuminated in the viewfinder
Monitor display  • Automatic
 • Manual
When set to Auto the eye sensors are used to switch off the LCD
Recording display  • Auto rotate
 • Horizontal
Controls whether the recording information display is rotated or not
Play display  • Auto rotate
 • Manual rotate
Controls whether images are automatically rotated in play mode

Setup Menu

The last menu is the Setup menu which allows you to configure general camera settings (mostly digital related) such as USB transfer modes, video output etc. This menu is split across three pages.

Setup menu options

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
LCD brightness  • Enter
Low (-2) to High (+2)
Transfer mode  • Mass storage
 • PTP
- USB 'mass storage device'
- For PictBridge and transfer wizards
Video output  • NTSC
 • PAL
Audio signals  • On
 • Off
Language  • Japanese
 • English
 • French
 • Spanish
 • Italian
 • Chinese (Simplified)
 • Chinese (Traditional)
USA model
Date/Time set  • Enter
Date format
Page two
File # memory  • On
 • Off
Reset  • Enter  
Folder name  • Standard form
 • Date form
Select folder  • 100MSDCF
 • 101MSDCF
 • etc.
New folder  • Enter Creates a new running number folder
Page three
LCD backlight  • 1 min
 • 30 sec
 • 10 sec
 • 5 sec
The amount of time the LCD backlight remains on
Power save  • 30 min
 • 10 min
 • 5 min
 • 3 min
 • 1 min
The amount of time before the camera enters 'sleep' state, it can be woken by a half-press of the shutter release or one of the LCD buttons
Menu Sec. Memory  • Off
 • On
Remember which menu section was active when returning to the menu
Delete confirm  • "Yes"
 • "No"
Set the default option for the delete confirm box
Clean CCD  • Enter
Enables manual cleaning of the sensor by locking up the mirror and opening the shutter.
Reset default  • Enter
Reset camera settings to default