Record mode display

Here you can see an example of Program AE (P) exposure mode with full information overlay (including live histogram), note that there are two other display modes with less information (here and here).

Shutter release button has been half-pressed (and held). The AF frame(s) turns green and a steady green dot is shown at the top of the display. The hand shake icon appears for slower shutter speeds.

A review image is shown only if (and while) you hold the shutter release button after the shot has been taken. Note that the histogram remains displayed.

Pressing the 4-way controller to the left in record mode displays the last image taken (Review mode). This display can be instantly removed by half-pressing the shutter release. You can not browse other images although you can magnify.

An example of movie capture mode, the time remaining indicator shows that there is enough storage space for a continuous movie of just over 45 minutes (in standard mode).

The DSC-V3 (like all the new Sony's) has a magnified icon feature which displays the changed setting icon at twice the size for a couple of seconds before it returns to its normal size. When changing mode the camera displays a rotating representation of the mode dial on the LCD monitor.
Menus are displayed 'over' the live view.

Manual Focus / AF Area

Press the FOCUS button once to enter manual focus mode, turn the jog dial to change the focus distance (13 positions plus Infinity). No ruler is displayed on screen and no frame magnification is supplied making it sometimes difficult to judge accurate focusing. In manual select AF area you can move the AF area to almost any point around the screen.

Play mode display

The DSC-V3 uses a 'rough image' to quickly provide a play display and then replaces this with a higher quality version (within a second or so, mostly it's not noticeable). Use the left / right arrows or jog dial to browse through images. Press the display button to increase the amount of information shown over the image, this includes exposure and histogram.
Press display again to switch to a 'clean view' with no overlaid information. The DSC-V3 remembers your last view mode and restores it the next time you enter play mode.  
Pushing the zoom lever towards telephoto magnifies the image in several steps up to x5.0. Once magnified you can use the 4-way controller to move around the image. In the examples above you can see magnification of x2.0 and x5.0 (scrolled).
Press the thumbnail button to enter thumbnail display mode (9 image, 3x3 index), press again for a 16 image 4x4 index.