Play mode display

As noted earlier the DSC-V1 uses a 'rough image' to quickly display an image, this is replaced with a higher quality version as soon as the camera has loaded all image data. Press the left or right arrows on the 4-way controller to browse through images. Press DISPLAY to increase the amount of information shown over the image, this includes exposure and histogram.
Press DISPLAY again to switch to a 'clean view' with no overlaid information. The DSC-V1 remembers your last view mode and restores it the next time you enter play mode.  

Pushing the zoom lever towards telephoto magnifies the image in several steps up to x5.0. Once magnified you can use the 4-way controller to move around the image. In the examples above you can see magnification of x2.0 and x5.0 (scrolled).
Press the thumbnail button to enter thumbnail display mode (a 9 image, 3x3 grid). Use the 4-way controller to move around images Press the thumbnail button once more to enter a three image information display mode. Again you can press the left and right arrows on the 4-way controller to browse images.
The DSC-V1's delete mode (press the delete button), here you can continue to browse through images while in delete mode, select 'Delete' to remove the image. The same is true of Protect and DPOF (both available from the Play menu), again you can browse and perform the selected action independently.