Play Menu

The play menu is relatively simple offering a limited number of options which appear along the bottom of the review image, detailed below.

Delete Deletes the current image, requires confirmation
Protect Toggles protection flag for current image (read-only attribute)
Print Toggles the printing flag for the current image (updates a DPOF text file on the Memory Stick), can only be used with DPOF compatible printers
Slide Commences a slide show of all images on the Memory Stick, allows you to select delay times of 3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 secs and if the slideshow repeats
Copy Allows you to copy the current image to another Memory Stick
Resize Create a resized copy of the current image: 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 640 x 480
Rotate Rotate the current image 90 degrees left or right, doesn't actually rotate the JPEG file but rather flags the image rotation in the EXIF header (only understood by the camera)
Divide Allows you to edit the current movie and divide it into multiple movie files

Setup Menu

Another new sight on a Sony digital camera is a dedicated Setup mode, taking some of the less often changed settings away from the record menu and putting them away in a dedicated menu makes a lot more sense and allows for greater flexibility and expansion later. A welcome sight. The menu itself is split into three categories:

Setup: Camera

Scene Selection Specifies the SCN exposure mode:

Twilight (low light shots, long exposures)
• Landscape (focus locked to infinity, small apertures, flash cancel)
• Portrait (large apertures)
Moving Image Selects the movie image format:

MPEG Movie (320 x 240, 320 x 240 HQ or 160 x 120)
• Clip Motion (Animated GIF @ 160 x 120 or 80 x 60)
Date / Time Enables / Disables stamping of a date and/or time onto image:

Day & Time
• Date
• Off
Digital Zoom Enables / Disables digital zoom:

• Off
Red Eye Reduction Enables / Disables red eye reduction flash:

• Off
AF Illuminator Enables / Disables AF Illuminator lamp:

• Off

Setup: Setup 1

Format Reformats Memory Stick:

• Cancel
File Number Selects file numbering system:

Series (images are numbered in a continuous sequence)
• Normal (numbers reset after each change of Memory Stick)
Conversion Sets up the cameras focusing and zoom system to work correctly with conversion lenses:

• On
• Off
Language Selects menu language:

• Japanese
Clock Set Sets the camera's internal clock:

• Cancel

Setup: Setup 2

LCD Brightness Controls LCD image brightness:

• Normal
• Dark
LCD Backlight Controls strength of the LCD backlight:

• Bright (at the expense of battery life)
Beep Sets the cameras beep:

• Shutter (enables the annoying "cuurchk" shutter noise)
• On
• Off
Video Out Selects video output format:

USB Connect Sets USB connection type:

• Normal

Kudos to Sony for the LCD Backlight control, it makes a HUGE difference to the visibility of the (already good) LCD in bright ambient light, obviously there's a price to pay in shorter battery life but it's what we've been asking for and they've delivered.