Record mode display

Here you can see an example of the live preview image on the LCD just prior to taking a shot, note the new composition bracket in the center of the frame. Various settings information is displayed along the top and down the right side of the display (in this case):

Battery life (in minutes), image size and quality, remaining frames, Memory Stick status (bar graph), Flash status, White Balance status and Macro focus mode selected.

Half-pressing the shutter release causes the cameras autofocus and metering systems to lock, a steady green dot indicates a good AF lock and you can now see the exposure shown on the right side of the display. After fully depressing the shutter release a brief review image is shown while the image is flushed to the Memory Stick.
Pressing the 4-way controller to the left displays the last image taken as above. This display is instantly interrupted by half-pressing the shutter release. An example of movie capture mode, here the time indicator shows available space for 9 minutes 45 seconds at the current setting (see later in the review for more detail).
Example of Shutter Priority mode (before half-pressing the shutter release). Note the blue jog-dial indicator in the bottom right of the screen. Example of Aperture Priority mode (before half-pressing the shutter release). Note the blue jog-dial indicator in the bottom right of the screen.

Manual Focus

Selecting manual focus (pressing the FOCUS button) switches control of focus distance to the small jog-dial, focus distances are displayed in metres.

Playback display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. The S75 uses a "rough thumbnail" initially while it loads the full resolution image from the Memory Stick (in the example above we'd moved from a movie to this image which is why the overlay was still showing movie information). After a second or so a higher resolution image is shown. Note that you don't have to wait for this image to be able to scroll between images and that you can use the jog-dial as well as the 4-way controller.

Pressing TELE on zoom magnifies the image in several steps up to x5.0. Once magnified you can use the 4-way controller to move around the image. Pressing WIDE on the zoom controller first enters this 3 x 3 thumbnail view where you can scroll around the images and perform basic manipulation (such as copy / delete).
Pressing WIDE on the zoom controller once more enters this new three image information display mode which shows detailed exposure information for the selected image. This being a prototype model I'll forgive the 10/400 sec shutter speed display (obviously 1/40 sec).
As seen on other Sony digital cameras you can rotate images in-camera, note however that this does not rotate the JPEG image itself, only marks its orientation for display in-camera.