Compared to the DSC-S70

Normally we compare a digital camera with a similar model from a different manufacturer, however I've decided to break the mould this time and see what image quality differences there are to last years model. We already know how the S70 stacks up against the competition, so if the S75 is any better it should certainly give the current crop of 3 megapixel digital cameras a run for their money (especially at it's list price).

In the samples below the first image (vertically) is the thumbnail of the image, the second is a 100% crop.

Sony DSC-S70 Sony DSC-S75

In these samples I think you can see some of the changes I've talked about already, more saturated colour, lighter (better metered), "flatter" images with better detail in dark / shadow areas. Overall the S75 seems to have some slight tweaks on the original S70 engine, for the better. The only questionable shot is the blue cast on the S75's flash comparison image.