MemoryStick Compartment

In the same compartment as the battery is the MemoryStick slot, these tiny little flash storage devices are about the size of a piece of chewing gum and can be bought up to 64MB (currently.. though 128MB should be on the way) in size. Just push in and the Stick will lock into place, one more little press and it'll eject.

Kudos to Sony for building a decent compartment door on the camera, why does it seem so difficult to other manufacturers to build a door which has the same quality feel and will last? The Sony door is sprung and one flick of the catch downwards pops the door out and swings open in one movement, excellent.


On the left hand side of the camera are the I/O sockets, top to button we have external flash connector (for Sony's proprietary off-board flash), a mini USB socket and A/V output for connection to a VCR / TV (for those all important family slideshows). On the rear we'll find the DC-IN socket for connecting to Sony's supplied AC adapter which doubles as a DC supply and battery charger.

Tripod Mount

On the base of the camera we'll find a sturdy looking metal tripod mount, unfortunately located too close to the edge of the camera to ensure a good flat surface to contact with most tripod heads. Add to this the fact that it's not in the focal plane or in line with the lens and it's obviously a bit of an afterthought� sad that.

Internal Flash

Positioned a fair distance away from the lens (do we spot anti redeye tactics here?) is the built-in flash unit, rated at 0.3 m - 2.5 m it can trigger automatically, forced to produce fill-in or switched off completely for those people (like me) who prefer to shoot available light.

Supplied In the Box

Supplied in the box are: * exact contents may vary by region

  • Sony DSC-S70 Digital Camera
  • Battery Pack NP-FM50
  • AC Adapter / Charger AC-L10
  • MemoryStick MSA-8A (8MB)
  • Shoulder Strap
  • USB Cable
  • A/V Cable
  • CD-ROM: Sony USB Drivers, MGI PhotoSuite, MGI VideoSuite


Availability of accessories may vary by region.

Memory Sticks:
Extra Batteries:
Carrying Cases:

USB Memory Stick Reader:
PC Card Adapter for Memory Stick:
Floppy Disk Adapter for Memory Stick:
External Flash:
(range: 1m - 8m)
Lens adapter: (52mm thread)
Protection / ND filter:
(req. VAD-S70)
Wide Angle Lens:
VCL-MHG07 (0.7x)
(req. VAD-S70)