Hold button and turn dial

The ISO sensitivity, metering mode, drive mode, flash mode and white balance buttons on the exterior of the DSC-R1 are used in combination with the main command dial. As soon as you hold a button a row of icons appear at the bottom of the display (EVF or LCD) which allow you to see the currently selected option and available options. The exception to this is ISO sensitivity which is always displayed on the status line at the very bottom of the display.

Changing white balance: hold white balance button and turn the main command dial Changing flash mode: hold flash button and turn the main command dial

Top of camera controls

At the right side on top we have the shutter release and power switch, just to the right and behind this the ISO button (hold and turn main dial to change). At the back are the AE Lock and Display Mode buttons as well as the main control dial.


ISO Sensitivity (ISO)

Hold button and turn main command dial.

 • Auto
 • ISO 160
 • ISO 200
 • ISO 400
 • ISO 800
 • ISO 1600
 • ISO 3200
AE LOCK AE Lock / Erase

In record mode this button is used to lock exposure, when locked a green asterisk is shown in the bottom right corner of the display. Press again to unlock. In play mode this button is used to display the erase option.
Display mode

Pressing this button cycles through the screen display modes:

• Normal display (no overlay)
• Normal with overlaid information
• Normal with histogram (and exposure in play mode)

Lens barrel (side of camera) controls

On the left side of the camera are a set of controls within easy reach of your left thumb. The flash and white balance buttons are hold and turn command dial type, below this is the focus mode switch. The focus mode switch allows you to select between normal auto focus, macro auto focus or manual focus, in manual focus mode the camera magnifies the center portion of the frame (to full screen size and at high resolution), in manual mode you can press the button at the center of the focus mode switch to trigger a single auto focus.


Flash mode / open flash

If the 'Pop-up Flash' setup option is set to Manual pressing this button opens the flash unit which will pop-up immediately. Hold this button and turn the main command dial to change flash mode.

 • Auto flash
 • Auto flash with red-eye reduction
 • Flash on
 • Flash on with red-eye reduction
 • Slow sync flash
 • Slow sync flash with red-eye reduction
 • Flash off
WB White Balance

Hold button and turn main command dial.

 • Auto
 • Daylight
 • Cloudy
 • Fluorescent
 • Incandescent
 • Flash
 • Manual