The Sony DSC-R1 is provided with with two software CD-ROMs containing (Windows & Mac versions):

  • CD 1: Picture Package 1.6, USB Driver, ImageMixer VCD2
  • CD 2: Image Data Converter SR Ver 1.0

Picture Package 1.6

Picture Package is made up of a range of tools, not all relevant to the DSC-R1 (although they are all installed by default). I found the concept of installing lots of separate tools on the Start Menu a little confusing, providing access via the 'Picture Package Menu' would have been sufficient (and more logical). Rather amazingly none of the Picture Package suite supported RAW files from the DSC-R1. In all honesty I really can't see many DSC-R1 owners using these tools.

  • Handycam Tools *
    • Memory Mix Image tool *
    • USB Streaming Tool *
    • Video Capturing Tool *
  • Picture Package Auto Video *
  • Picture Package CD Backup
  • Picture Package Menu
  • Picture Package Producer
  • Picture Package VCD Maker
  • Picture Package Viewer

* Intended for Handycam, not digital cameras

Picture Package Menu

Picture Package Menu is the intended start point for access to all the Picture Project tools, it shows the tools relevant to the current installation. By default Picture Package Menu is set to start automatically when you connect the camera.

Picture Package VCD Maker (ImageMixer VCD2)

ImageMixer from Pixela is an application which allows you to create Video CD's (VCD's) slideshows from folders of images for playback on a VCD or DVD player. The creation steps are pretty straightforward, select a folder, a template design and burn away.

Here we're at the second stage, selecting the menu style, you can customize buttons, text and even the background music played while your slideshow plays.

Picture Package Producer

Producer is a tool for creating MPEG slideshows of images, it allows you to select your images from the camera, a memory card or a set of folders on your hard disk and then select the style and output format for the slideshow (Video CD / Hard Disk). Slideshows also have background music (which you don't seem to be able to disable).

Picture Package CD Backup

CD Backup does just that, it allows you to select images sourced from the camera, a memory card or a set of folders on your hard disk and then record them to CD-R. Pretty basic but does what it's intended to.

Picture Package Viewer

Picture Package Viewer is a pretty poor, slow, limited and disappointing 'browse & viewr' application, it essentially allows you to browse a folder of image, view them in a window and carry out very basic image editting adjustments (brightness, contrast, red-eye reduction). Just as with the rest of the 'Picture Package' suite Viewer doesn't support RAW files, which seems pointless. About the only thing I could find which was even slightly useful was the ability to view EXIF data.

In 'full size' view (you can resize the window).