Record mode display

Here you can see an example of the live preview image on the LCD just prior to taking a shot, note the composition bracket in the center of the frame. Various settings information is displayed along the top and down the right side of the display (in this case):

Battery life (in minutes), image size and quality, remaining frames, Memory Stick status (bar graph), Flash status, Macro focus, +0.7 EV compensation.

Half-pressing the shutter release causes the cameras autofocus and metering systems to lock, a steady green dot indicates a good AF lock and you can now see the exposure shown on the right side of the display. Note the shake warning icon because of the relatively slow shutter speed. After fully depressing the shutter release a brief review image is shown while the image is flushed to the Memory Stick.
Pressing the 4-way controller to the left displays the last image taken as above. This display is instantly interrupted by half-pressing the shutter release. An example of movie capture mode, here the time indicator shows available space for 17 minutes 34 seconds at the current setting (see later in the review for more detail).

Record: Manual Focus

Selecting one of the manual focus positions from the record menu displays the focus distance directly above exposure compensation, in this case 0.5m.

Play display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. The P5 uses a "rough thumbnail" initially while it loads the full resolution image from the Memory Stick. After a second or so a higher resolution image is shown. Note that you don't have to wait for this image to be able to scroll between images using the 4-way controller. Pressing DISP removes all overlaid information.

In play mode the lens will automatically retract after 15 seconds.

Play: Magnify

Pressing TELE on zoom magnifies the image in several steps up to x5.0. Once magnified you can use the 4-way controller to move around the image. In the examples above you can see magnification of 2.4x and 5.0x.

Play: Thumbnail View

Pressing WIDE on the zoom controller enters this 3 x 3 thumbnail view where you can scroll around the images and perform various image manipulations. Select DELETE while in thumbnail view and you can selectively delete images, move around and mark the images to be deleted.
Select PROTECT to mark/unmark images as protected. This sets the image file's read-only flag which protects it from accidental deletion (though not from Memory Stick formatting). Select PRINT to mark/unmark images to be printed on a DPOF compatible printer. This creates a DPOF compatible text file instructing the printer as to which images are to be printed.
Select COPY to copy images from one Memory Stick to another. After selecting the images you want press SET then COPY, the camera will buffer the images then ask you for the destination Memory Stick.

Play: Image Information

While in thumbnail view mode pressing WIDE on the zoom controller once more enters this three thumbnail information display mode which shows basic exposure information for the selected image. Here we can see the exposure was ISO 250, F4.5, 1/30 sec.

Play: Rotate

Select ROTATE to rotate the current image in 90 degree steps. This does not rotate the JPEG file itself, instead it simply marks the correct orientation in the files header. The DSC-S85 does not have a orientation sensor.

Play: Resize / Trim

RESIZE allows you to create a copy of the current image at any lower resolution. The TRIMMING option appears once you have magnified the image you can then choose to create a new image of any size based on the current view.