Top of camera controls

Controls on the top of the camera are limited to the mode dial which surrounds the shutter release and the power button. I'm not normally a fan of press power buttons located near to the shutter release (as they can sometimes be confused for the shutter release button in the heat of the moment), however the P5's power button is small, recessed and located near the edge of the camera so as not to be confused.

Exposure / Camera Mode Dial


Enters camera setup mode (described in more detail later). The distinct SETUP mode is a new feature in line with Sony's latest line of cameras, it helps keep things in one place and avoids overloaded exposure mode menus.

Movie Mode

The P5 features the new MPEG EX movie system which allows you to record long movies only limited by the amount of space on your Memory Stick. To achieve this the rate at which video is recorded has been reduced to 8 frames per second. MPEG HQ is still available (16 fps, better audio, full screen replay) but is limited to 15 second clips.


Enters playback mode, this displays the last image/movie recorded. Cursor arrows or jog-wheel can be used to scroll through images (other functions described later).
Program Auto Exposure

Automatic exposure mode, camera meters the scene and selects best combination of aperture and shutter speed (and ISO if set to Auto) to properly expose the image. Slowest shutter speed is 1/30 sec.
Twilight / Night Exposure

Switching to Twilight exposure mode locks aperture to the maximum possible at the current zoom (F2.8 at full wide angle) and enables exposures of up to 2 seconds. Maximum shutter speed is 1/500 sec. All other features are available.

Rear of camera controls

The rear of the camera is logically laid out, with a 4-way controller which doubles as flash / macro / self-timer and quick view buttons, LCD related buttons (display / menu) and the zoom controller.


W / T Zoom / Magnify

Zooms the camera lens towards telephoto (117 mm) or towards wide (39 mm). The zoom control itself is a single position button (non-proportional). In playback mode the zoom control doubles as a control for magnifying the displayed image or displaying thumbnails.

Selects flash mode: Auto Flash, Flash Fill-in, Flash Cancel
Image review

Instantly reviews the last image / movie, in this mode you can zoom into the image but not scroll between images on the Memory Stick, you'll have to switch to playback mode for that (why it wasn't implemented via the jog-dial I'm not sure).
Macro Focus

Switches between normal; 50 cm (2 ft) - Infinity, and macro focus; 4 cm (1.5 in) - 50 cm (2 ft) range.

Engages / Disengages the self-timer. Self-timer is cancelled after the next shot is taken.
MENU Record Menu

Enters record menu (detailed later).

Toggles LCD display mode either live preview with full detail overlay, live preview with simple detail or LCD off.