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Below you will find a studio comparison between the Sony DSC-P150 and the 7MP Canon PowerShot G6. We have included samples for the lowest and highest ISO settings for each camera (Sony P150: ISO100 and 400, Canon G6: ISO50 and 400).

Studio scene comparison (Sony P150 @ ISO 100, Canon G6 @ ISO 50)

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150: Manual exposure mode, ISO 100, Default Image Parameters, Manual white balance
  • Canon PowerShot G6 : Aperture Priority mode, ISO 50, Default Image Parameters,
    Manual white balance
  • Lighting: Two 800W studio lamps with dichroic daylight filters bounced off the ceiling
Sony DSC-P150
Canon PowerShot G6
ISO 100, 0.8 sec, F8
ISO 50, 0.4 sec, F5
2,930 KB JPEG
2,671 KB JPEG
Noise, std dev: 2.0
Noise, std dev: 1.9

To really put the P150 to the test I chose to compare it with Canon's (much more expensive) flagship PowerShot model, the G6. Both share the same chip, but it is obvious from these shots that the Sony's Carl Zeiss lens is being outclassed by the big Canon optic. But let's be fair to Sony; the results from the little P150 are still very impressive; noise is well controlled - though visible at 100% - tonal range excellent and color very restrained and natural (there is a slight problem with highly saturated reds - see the flower). Of course the Canon G6 has lower noise, but it is working at ISO50, whereas the P150's lowest setting is ISO100. Overall sharpness is excellent for this type of camera, and although it does drop off a little at the edge of the frame, it's not enough to seriously mar real-world shots.