Playback Menu

This is the most basic playback display showing the image size and aspect ratio, the number of images stored on the current card, the image number, and time taken. As with image recording, there are a number of image display options to show an increasing level of information about a particular image.
Here is all the information available turned on in image playback. Including a histogram, the shutter speed and aperture used, the ISO setting, and what the exposure compensation value was. It is possible to zoom into images in playback mode to check fine detail and focus. The maximum zoom for the HX1 is 8x.
The playback menu has been redesigned much like the the shooting menu; a vertically scrolling menu with current settings shown on the menu bar quick checking. The settings menu is also available in playback mode.
You can sort images in a number of ways including date, folders, and favorites. While this may not seem like a very useful function for use in camera, keep in mind that you can connect the camera up to your TV via HDMI for slide shows (which can be played with music). Once nice way to view photos is via the date feature, which displays the first photo taken on a particular day in a calendar view. Useful for quickly finding image for display.
There are a number of in camera image editing functions, including Cropping, Sharpening, Soft Focus, Blurring, and happy faces. Here is an example of one of the retouching functions in action, adding vignetting to an image to isolate a subject.
During playback a burst of image taken in continuous shooting mode is displayed as a stack. Selecting the stack will allow you to view images in the stack, and also select the representative image for the stack.