Play display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. Unlike the F717 the F828 displays a high resolution immediately, you don't have to wait for it to load. Image to image times also seemed much faster. Press the display button to add exposure information and a histogram on to the displayed image.
Press the display button again to remove all overlaid information and just show a clean image. If you don't want the image just press the AE Lock / Erase button, you can still browse in this mode.

Press the magnify button to enter play magnify mode, turn the command dial to change magnification level and use the four way controller to scroll around the image. The F828 provides magnification up to 5.0x.

Play: Thumbnail View

Pressing the self-timer / thumbnail button enters this 3 x 3 thumbnail view where you can scroll around the images and perform various image manipulations. Select the Delete option while in thumbnail view and you can selectively delete images, move around and mark the images to be deleted.

Play: Rotate & Resize

Select Rotate from the menu to rotate the current image in 90 degree steps. This does not rotate the JPEG file itself, instead it simply marks the correct orientation in the files header. Select Resize from the Play menu to produce a resized copy of the current image. Any smaller image size can be selected.

Play: Movie Clips

Here we can see a movie clip in playback, the bar in the center of the frame indicates the current position in the movie timeline, you can remove all overlaid information by pressing DISPLAY. Select Divide from the Play menu and you can split a movie into two pieces by choosing a dividing point in the movie (useful for trimming the beginning or end from a clip).