Record mode display

Here you can see an example of the live preview image as seen on the screen just prior to taking a shot, note the AF brackets in the center of the frame. Displayed information:

Battery status, Program AE mode, Flash cancel, 8 MP image size, FINE quality, Folder 101, 260 Remaining frames, Storage graph, Metering mode, ISO 200, Macro focus, Monitor AF, Wide Area AF, Exposure (1/30 sec, F2.2), +0.3 EV compensation.

A half-press of the shutter release causes the cameras autofocus and metering systems to lock, a steady green dot and the green colour of the AF brackets indicates a good AF lock, the exposure is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The F828 now features an (optional) automatic record review mode, the level of detail in this display depends on the record display mode, as you can see you can now choose to have a histogram displayed in the record review.

Press the image review button to see the last image taken, as above. This display can be instantly removed by half-pressing the shutter release. This does not unfortunately act like a shooting priority play mode, you can only view the last image taken and can not browse. Note that the live histogram is optional and that pressing the display button allows you to cycle through three overlay modes: basic overlay, information overlay (as above), information overlay with live histogram.
An example of Auto record mode, note that there is less information overlaid. An example of movie capture mode, the F828's movie recording capability is impressive (640 x 480, 30 fps, audio) bringing it up to the same level as the Fujifilm FinePix F602 Zoom, although you can only shoot at this high bit rate on Memory Stick Pro or Microdrive.
Shutter priority AE, in this example we are turning the command dial, as you can see the camera displays an animated list of shutter speeds. My only complaint with the new on-screen virtual dial is that it does 'feel' as though it slows the selection of settings (such as shutter speed). Aperture priority AE, in this example we are turning the command dial, as you can see the camera displays an animated list of apertures.
Manual exposure mode, turn the command dial to select shutter speed, hold down the exposure compensation button and turn the command dial to select aperture.

Auto Focus area mode

Note that in the captures below the shutter release is half-pressed (AF triggered and locked).

Multi-point AF: camera selects automatically from five AF areas arranged in a cross. Center area AF: camera uses center AF area for auto focus
Spot AF: you can move the AF area around the screen to almost unlimited positions, the cursor moves smoothly in the direction you push the four way controller.  

Manual Focus

Switch the camera into manual focus mode and turn the focus ring and the camera automatically magnifies the center area of the frame (if 'expanded focus' is enabled) to assist you in checking focus accuracy. Normal view returns after about a second.