Accessory Shoe / ACC connector

The F707 now has a connection-less accessory shoe mounted just behind the pop-up flash. It's designed to take the optional HVL-F1000 flash unit which is in turn connected to the camera via the ACC connector just beside the shoe.

The ACC connector is also used for wired remote control RM-DR1 or the remote control included on Sony's VCT-D480RM tripod.

Pop-up Flash

The F707's flash unit is now electro-mechanically operated (gone is the sliding lever). It will automatically pop-up from the lens barrel either when required (Auto Flash mode) or when selected (Forced Flash mode).

The flash has a rated range of of 0.5 - 5 m (1.6 - 16.4 ft) which is pretty ambitious for its size.


As I mentioned earlier the F707 uses another Carl Zeiss designed 5x optical zoom lens. It's big and bright with a maximum aperture of F2.0 at wide angle (38 mm) and F2.4 at telephoto (190 mm). And that's impressive for such a long focal length lens.

Looking at the lens straight on it's obvious that the actual glass elements are much larger than in the original F505 lens.

You may also have noticed the additional LED windows dotted around the lens rim, the two at the top provide IR light for the NightShot and NightFraming features (they glow a very slight red colour when switched on). The third on the right side in this picture is the laser output for Hologram AF (below).

Hologram AF

"Now I know you gonna dig this". Here's a neat party trick to wow your friends (are the guys on STF going to love this or what), aim the camera at a dark wall and half-press the shutter release, the camera will paint a pretty laser pattern on the wall.

Recent Videos

This pattern is used to assist the contrast detect AF system in locking AF in low light situations. The pattern appears for approximately one second and does appear to work (in most circumstances). We'll test it in a bit more detail later in the review. I'm told by Sony that this class 1 laser is completely safe to aim directly at a persons face (yes, really).

Tripod mount / camera base

Probably one of the best positioned tripod mounts of any digital camera. The F707's tripod mount is located on the base of the lens barrel and is surrounded by four rubber feet. Its location means that you get the ultimate stability (clamping the lens) while still being able to rotate the rear body up or down when the camera is on the tripod.

Supplied In the Box

Supplied in the box are:

 • Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera
 • Battery Pack NP-FM50
 • AC Adapter / Charger AC-L10
 • Memory Stick MSA-16A (16 MB)
 • Lens cap
 • Shoulder Strap
 • USB Cable
 • A/V Cable
 • Instruction Manual
 • CD-ROM: Sony USB Drivers, MGI PhotoSuite,
   MGI VideoSuite


Availability of accessories may vary by region.

Wide angle lens adapter:
VCL-MHG07A (x0.7)
Rotating 58mm lens hood:
Leather case:
Wired remote:
(on/off, zoom, shutter release)
Tripod / Remote control:
(on/off, zoom, shutter release)
Memory Sticks:

PC Card Adapter for Memory Stick:
Floppy Disk Adapter for Memory Stick:
USB Memory Stick Reader:

Extra Batteries:
Dual external batt charger: