Image Size / Quality

The DSC-F505V, in keeping with Sony tradition offers just one JPEG and one B&W GIF mode at a variety of resolutions and a TIFF mode at 1856 x 1392. It's a shame Sony don't consider adding a second or even third JPEG mode gradually higher compression ratios, the offered JPEG mode produces 1.1 MB files, with the supplied 8MB Memory Stick this adds up to about 7 images for the Stick is full... Then again, maybe they're trying to sell more Memory Stick's.... Sony, please, next time, offer a "JPEG HIGH" (ratio 1:4), "JPEG MEDIUM" (ratio 1:8) and "JPEG LOW" (ratio 1:16).

Standard Test Scene

To give an impression of what each combination of image size and quality produces the table below is a cross reference of image size against quality with an original image available for each, all images were shot within seconds of each other of the same subject. Please note that the TIFF images are VERY large (5.4 MB zipped) please only download these images if (a) you really need to and (b) you have the bandwidth and intend to fully download the image, otherwise you're wasting bandwidth.

Crops below are of a 200% zoomed 240 x 100 area of the image.

1856 x 1392
7,752 KB (Zipped 5,510 KB)

1856 x 1232 (3:2 mode)
1,014 KB

2240 x 1680 (Interpolated)
1,520 KB

1280 x 960
540 KB

640 x 480
61 KB

As you can see from the top two samples that JPEG mode is almost indistinguishable from TIFF, certainly with the storage limitations of Memory Stick (and certainly the one supplied) you'd be hard pressed to find the occasion or good reason to shoot TIFF.

ISO (Sensitivity) Adjustment

As with the S70 the F505V controls its ISO automatically, defaulting to ISO 100 where it can if the shutter speed were to drop below 1/30s the camera automatically boosts ISO to compensate. The measured range of sensitivity was ISO 100 - 300 (actually 282). The sample below shows the effect of decreasing the amount of available light on the subject. (Same scene as above images which were shot at ISO 100)

ISO 282, 1/30s, F3.4 (Measured light: 6.9 EV)

Picture Effects

The DSC-F505V features the same set of aftereffects found on the S70 (and previously F505), samples of which are shown below. I've included TEXT mode here as it is also (really) an aftereffect, reducing the image down to a 2 colour "bitmap", which can be useful for taking snapshots of print.

Day / Time overlay Solarize
Black & White Sepia
Text mode (2 colour GIF)