Play mode LCD and menus

Screens below are captured from the LCD output

This is an example of normal display in Still capture mode, information displayed here was described earlier on in the LCD section of the review.

In playback, pushing the zoom lever towards tele (T) zooms into the reviewed image. This is implemented in a much better way than I've seen before for two reasons: (1) a very granular zoom all the way to x5.0 which actually displays the extra detail and not just a blow-up of the original low-res image (2) you can take a "cropped shot" of any zoomed portion, that is if you press the shutter release whilst you're zoomed in the camera creates a new VGA (640x480) image of the currently displayed section... cunning!

The images below are designed to give a rough idea of the playback zoom, actual available zoom levels are: x1.1, x1.2, x1.3, x1.5, x1.6, x1.8, x2.0, x2.2, x2.4, x2.7, x3.0, x3.3, x3.6, x3.9, x4.3, x4.7, x5.0.

x2.0 playback zoomx3.0 playback zoomx5.0 playback zoom

Push the up cursor displays the play menu, from here you can access a thumbnail Index, Delete the current image and enter the File or Setup menus.

Pressing up one more time moves you to the |< previous and >| next rocker.

Index (Thumbnail view)

In this display six images are visible at a time, use the cursor pad to navigate.

In this example two images have been selected for deletion (Delete allows you to choose ALL or SELECT), move down to ENTER to delete the images.

The File menu:

  • Format (Ok / Cancel)
  • Rotate 90 degrees (rotate option - below)
  • Slide show (slide show option - below)
  • Copy (make a copy of this image)
  • Print mark (mark this image for printing)
  • Protect (mark this image as read-only)

The Rotate option:

A cunning addition to playback is the ability to rotate an image through 90 degrees. Once rotate the camera records the rotation for future display, however it doesn't actually rotate the JPEG so you'll still need to do that when you get it to your computer.

The Slide show option:

Begin a slide show with this option, intervals of 3 secs, 5 secs, 10 secs, 30 secs or 1 minute between images and the ability to repeat at the end.

Playback of MPEG movies:

When playing MPEG movies you get a quarter display of the movie, playback of the movie is possible along with volume control.

I was a bit disappointed with the limited MPEG ability of the F505, why limit the camera to only 5, 10 or 15 second MPEG's when it has the ability to store on MemorySticks of up to 64MB in size?? I'll make a GUESS that it's because of the size of the internal buffer in the camera.