Battery Compartment

The D700 battery compartment is in the base of the right hand grip, balancing against the weight of the lens.

The D700 takes Sonys excellent InfoLithium batteries which just last and last and last.. and tell you how many minutes they have left too.

TPopping the compartment open you simply push a catch to drop the battery out.

Battery life was, as to be expected, excellent and I really hope that other camera manufacturers will follow the trend set by Sony, Fuji, Canon and a couple of others of supplying their cameras with powerful rechargeable batteries and chargers.

PCMCIA/Memory Stick Storage Compartment

The above shots show the PCMCIA door with MemoryStick adapter and the supplied 8MB MemoryStick. You can eject the stick without removing the adapter, however MemorySticks are not readily available in any quantity or capacities (although 32MB cards are around in Japan).

Most owners of the D700 either buy a PCMCIA Type II memory card (you can get these in HUGE capacities, 128MB is quite normal). OR a CF card adapter and CF cards.. (CF memory is cheaper per MB than PCMCIA plus the adapter retails for about US$10).

Which is what I did for the purposes of this review.


This section won't take long, the D700 only has the one connector (not counting the PCMCIA slot) video out which is behind a cunning little door on the left of the camera it provides a video feed even when the LCD is turned off, in both CAM and PLAY modes.

Used in association with the supplied remote control (covered below) it allows you to "present" your images on a TV.

Supplied Accessories ("In the box")

The supplied RM-S7D remote control allows you to setup the camera and trigger it remotely, OR use the +/- buttons to scroll through images in playback mode. (Video connector cable also included)

Here's the charger I was supplied (Japanese model), in the normal US full pack you'd get:

NP-F550 Rechargeable InfoLithium Battery BC-V615 Battery Charger
8mb Memory Stick (MSA-8A)
MS-PC Card Adaptor (MSAC-PC1)
PC Card Parallel Port Adaptor (MSAC-PR1)
Remote (RM-57D)
Video Cable
Strap Belt
Lens Cap
Viewfinder Cap