Image Size / Quality

The CD1000, in keeping with Sony tradition offers just one JPEG and one B&W GIF mode at a variety of resolutions and a TIFF mode at 1600 x 1200.

Standard Test Scene

To give an impression of what each combination of image size and quality produces the table below is a cross reference of image size against quality with an original image available for each, all images were shot within seconds of each other of the same subject. Please note that the TIFF images are VERY large (5.4 MB zipped) please only download these images if (a) you really need to and (b) you have the bandwidth and intend to fully download the image, otherwise you're wasting bandwidth.

Crops below are of a 200% zoomed 240 x 100 area of the image.

1600 x 1200
5,627 KB (Zipped 4,389 KB)
(or resaved as JPEG 1,349 KB)
856 KB

1600 x 1072 (3:2 mode)
827 KB

1024 x 768
341 KB

640 x 480
60 KB

Interestingly the TIFF mode provided a cleaner and more detailed image, not something we normally find. But then the compression for 1600 x 1200 JPEG does seem to be slightly aggressive, with 156 MB on each CD-R Sony could have implemented a lesser compression ratio producing a 1 MB file which would have offered even better image quality.

Picture Effects

The CD1000 features the same set of aftereffects found on the current crop of Cybershot digital cameras, samples of which are shown below. I've included TEXT mode here as it is also (really) an aftereffect, reducing the image down to a 2 colour "bitmap", which can be useful for taking snapshots of print.

Day / Time overlay Solarize
Black & White Sepia
Text mode (2 colour GIF) - rotated in Photoshop

Image Sharpening

As with other Sony digital cameras the CD1000 offers control over the internal sharpening algorithms of the camera, you can choose from five different levels of sharpening The samples below are 100% crops of different sharpening levels for the same scene.

Sharpening -2 (Soft) Sharpening -1 (Soft)
Sharpening 0 (Normal) Sharpening +1 (Hard)
Sharpening +2 (Hard)