CD-R Discs

Here we can see the 8cm Mini CD-R compared to a traditional 12cm CD-R disc. Most modern CD-ROM, CD-R/RW drives feature a second groove cut into the tray specifically for these smaller discs (image below). If yours doesn't, fear not, Sony have provided this nifty clip-in adapter which converts the 8cm disc to 12cm size for compatibility with such older drives.

Thanks to Rodger Carter for the following list of suppliers of 8cm (3") CD-R Discs:


NOTE: Prices may changes without notice. S&H may be extra.

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Circuit City - $19.99 for a 5 pack of Sony brand

3IN CDR 21 MIN, 185MB, 10PK
1-2 packs: $ 17.48 each
3 or more packs: $ 16.53 each

Best Buy - in some areas only: prices similar to above
25 Pack with GRAY or BLACK tray (Taiyo Yuden/Mitsui)
$52.50, SALE PRICE $40.00
CMC CD-R 8CM 10 Pack: $22.00
10 disk pack: $17.90 pk
50 disk pack: $84.50 pk
100 disk pack: $159.00 pk
5 pack or $5.99 plus S&H
Must call individual stores as listed on web site.
100 pack: $144.00
25 pack: $44.75
50 pack: $84.50
100 pack: $159.00
10 pack: $150.00
50 Spindle: $82.50, SALE PRICE $62.50
100 Spindle: $165.00, SALE PRICE $125.00

Premium silver Mini CD-R bulk qty 50: $42.50; 100: $79.00
Mention "Linda Bonus" and get 10% more product free of charge
Silver/Silver R21, 8x, 180 MB
Package of 100: $99.00
50pack 8X CD-R Mini22min/200MB silver on light blue w/ spindle $39.99
CMC CD-R 8CM 50 Pack on Spindle: $79.00
Spindle of 100: $139.00
50 pack: Reg. $89.99 , Special $59.99
100 pack: $129.00
Silver Mini CD-R qty. 50: $42.50, qty. 100: $79.00
50 pack spindled: $74.50
100 pack spindled: $139.00

As you can see it is possible to buy cheaply in bulk, even just $0.79 per Disc.


This may take a while.. The CD1000 has a variety of connections and they're spread all over the camera. As an interesting footnote the CD1000 is the first Mavica to have any kind of external transfer capability, its USB port can be used to mount the CD-R as an external drive on a PC or Mac.

On the right side of the camera in the hand grip you'll find the DC power-in connector into which you plug the supplied charger / AC adapter.

On the right side below the lens is AV output for use with the supplied AV cable you'll get two RCA connectors, one video out and one audio out.

Left side below the lens is the USB port, again a (rather short) cable is supplied.

External flash connector can be found on the left side of the camera just below the left strap mount, this is for use with Sony's HVL-F1000 external flash unit.

Tripod Mount

I'm a little disappointed by Sony's tripod mount, it's simply too small and too close to the edge of the base to be of any use. Especially with a camera this big! its one saving grace is that it's metal and located in line with the lens / focal plane. Also, no rubber base or rubber feet which would have helped steady the camera for those low light shots.

Internal Flash

The CD1000's little internal flash pops up out of the top of the camera when you press the Open (Flash) button (you can just about see it on this shot). Popping up the flash immediately puts the camera in the last flash mode used and a full charge ready to shoot takes between 2 and 3 seconds.

It's rated at 0.6 - 2.5 m (23 " - 8 ft). You could always complement it with Sony's external HVL-F1000 flash unit.

Supplied In the Box

Supplied in the box: (may vary by region)

Sony MVC-CD1000 Digital Camera
Sony NP-F550 LithiumIon battery
AC Adapter / Charger AC-L10A
Shoulder Strap
A/V cable
USB cable
5 x 8 cm 156MB CD-R Discs
3 x Software CD-ROM


Availability of accessories may vary by region.

8cm CD-R Discs:
5MCR-156A (5 pack shown)
Additional Battery:
Carrying Case:
External Flash:
(range: 1m - 8m)
Protection / ND filter: