Features cont.

Front camera

On the Xperia Z5 the front camera has been upgraded to a 5MP sensor which brings it in line with many of its direct competitors. As you can see in the samples below, in bright light exposure and color are good. In 100% view there is some noticeable smearing of fine detail but overall the Z5 front camera performs well in bright conditions.

Front camera in bright light, ISO 40, 1/800 sec

As you would expect image detail deteriorates in low light but, like image noise, is still on an acceptable level. The Z5 does not come with a front flash and unfortunately doesn't use the display for subject illumination either. Therefore low light self-portraits often end up under-exposed. When shooting in Superior Auto the camera sometimes switches into portrait scene mode which slightly brightens the main subject in the frame, but most of the time this does not happen.

Front camera in low light, ISO 1250, 1/16 sec

Gallery and Editor

Images and videos can be sorted in a variety of ways.

The Xperia Z5 comes with Android's standard Photos app installed, but by default uses Sony's own Album app which is pretty much unchanged from previous versions. It lets you create albums, favorite images, sort them by month or view them on a map. The app automatically creates highlight movies which contain images and videos that are grouped together by date. You can't interfere manually with the end result, but the feature does a pretty good job of avoiding duplicates. Overall, highlight movies are a nice way of summarizing the activities of a day or weekend without spending much (or any) time on doing so.

The Album app offers a map view.
EXIF data can be viewed.

As before, the Photo Editor is a separate app that can be linked with the Edit button in the Album app but you can also pick any other editing app as your default tool. The Photo Editor has gained a few functions and, in addition to the simple filter effects, frames and virtual stickers, there is now also a set of pretty comprehensive tonal corrections, including a curve tool. You can also crop images and create collages. Of course there are plenty of editing apps available in the app store, but the Sony variant is a good starting point. However, performance can be a little sluggish when viewing and editing the X5's huge 23MP images.

Tonal corrections include a curves tool.
Of course a range of filter effects is included as well.