Features cont.

Timeshift Burst

Timeshift Burst was available on the Xperia Z1 and works the same way in the Z2. The camera takes a quick burst of images during a two-second time period - one second before and one after you press the shutter. This means that while you are in Timeshift Burst mode the Z2 is effectively constantly recording. Once the burst has been captured you can scroll through all frames and pick your favorite one.

After capture you can scroll through the individual frames in Timeshift Burst
Unfortunately frames are only saved at 1080p resolution.

Only the selected image is displayed in the Gallery app but the entire burst is saved in the internal memory, so you can change your mind later and pick a different image. As before the downside of the feature is that all images are captured at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, which makes them unusable for larger prints or any other use that requires large image sizes. 

Creative Effects

Creative Effects replaces the Z1's Picture Effect but the idea is still pretty much the same. You can choose from a variety of effects including Mirror, Old Film, Fisheye and Pencil and get a live-thumbnail-preview for all of them. The main image shows a preview for the currently selected effect. Unfortunately images are still only saved at Full-HD image size and all the live filter previews on the same screen appear to bring even a high-powered smartphone like the Xperia Z2 to its knees. Operation of the app can be very laggy. Overall, if you are into effect filters, there is an abundance of better third-party options available in the Google Play Store.

Filter effects can be previewed on thumbnails.
Most effects offer some control over intensity and other parameters.
Mirror effect
Old Film effect

Album and Photo Editor

In terms of gallery and editing app the Sony Xperia Z2 offers fairly standard options. The Sony Album app allows you to create albums, favorite images or sort them by month or place. The Photo Editor is a separate app that can be linked with the Edit button in the Album app but you can also pick any other editing app as your default tool.

Photo Editor offers a bunch of simple filters, including Punch, Vintage and Bleach. You can also choose from a range of frames and effects and adjust certain image parameters, such as exposure, shadows, contrast or saturation. There is also an option to create Tiny Planet images. Photo Editor is fine for the occasional user but if you are already committed to other filter and editing apps it almost certainly won't make you switch.

The album app can sort images by month or place.
Filter options
Frame options
Tiny Planet modification