Sony's consumer cameras have offered best-in-class video recording specs in recent years and this is no exception. The RX100 II records full 1920 x 1080 HD video at 60i, 60p and (not included in the RX100) 24p with AVCHD compression. MP4 recording is available at 1080p or VGA resolutions. The camera will use continuous AF, with manual focus also available. Focus peaking can be used in movie mode, making the free-rotating control dial a nice fit for manual focus while recording video.

The video shooting screen remains unchanged from the RX100, and much like the stills shooting display. Video recording is accessed from P,A,S and M shooting modes by pressing the dedicated video button next to the RX100 II's thumb grip on the back panel.

Sony's Optical SteadyShot image stabilization is available in movie mode, which can be used in 'standard' or 'active' modes. Active mode did noticeably cut down camera shake when hand-holding during recording. When enabled during recording the final product was remarkably free of shake - not perfectly steady, there are still some unwanted camera movements, but the OSS does a good job of neutralizing small jerky movements. It's worth noting that enabling Active OSS crops into the frame a bit, narrowing the field of view.

Sample Videos

1920 x 1080, 60p, 39.5 MB, 22 secs Click here to download original video

The tilting LCD makes composition at awkward angles a little easier, and can be especially useful shooting video. This sample video shows the Sony RX100 II's robust image stabilization in action as the camera is being held above a crowd. The image sways from side to side as the camera operator has a little bit of an unsteady hand, but the picture is smooth and free of shake.

1920 x 1080, 60p, 59.2 MB, 18 secs Click here to download original video

In the RX100 II's playback mode, stills and videos are filed in separate views, something we griped about in our RX100 review, and the complaint still stands. Overall though, the quality of the RX100 II's video capabilities is much the same as it was in the RX100. Playback issues notwithstanding, the RX100 II delivers excellent video for an enthusiast-level compact.