Body elements

This Semi-transparent mirror is at the heart of Sony's SLT cameras. Light hits this mirror and approximately a third of it is sent upward to the AF sensor, while the rest continues on to the main CMOS imaging sensor.
The a77 II has a built-in flash, which is released electronically. The flash has a guide number of 12 meters at ISO 100. It's also used as a focusing aid in low light, replacing the dedicated AF-assist lamp on the original a77.
This dial, at the bottom-left of the camera's front plate, switches between manual, continuous, auto, and single autofocus modes.
The mode dial has been redesigned and now features three Memory Recall (MR) slots. There's also a locking mechanism that requires you to hold the center button down in order to rotate the dial.

One feature that has become increasingly rare on DSLRs is an LCD info display on the top plate. This backlit display shows things like aperture, shutter speed, drive mode, shots remaining, and battery life.

Oddly, this display is laggy to update the shutter speed and aperture values as you change them. You'll notice a lag between turning the shutter speed or aperture dials and seeing the new value on this top LCD.

The a77's electronic viewfinder is one of the best you'll find, with 2.36 million dots and a magnification 1.09x. An eye sensor automatically switches between the LCD and EVF. The diopter correction knob can be seen on the far right side.
The joystick on the rear of the camera is your main tool for menu navigation. It's movement is a bit tight, and pressing inward accidentally can be an issue.
The a77 II has a wide selection of I/O ports, including flash sync, remote control, DC-in (covered here), microphone, HDMI, and USB.
As with its predecessor, the a77 II supports both SD/SDHC/SDXC and Memory Stick Pro Duo cards.

The a77 II uses the familiar NP-FM500H battery, which dates back to the A700. The battery contains 11.8Wh of energy, which translates into 480 shots per charge with the LCD, and 410 with the EVF. That's a 10% drop compared to the original a77.