Menus cont.

Playback menu

The playback menu is where you can delete and protect images as well as begin a slide-show.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Delete  • Multiple images
Selection screen
 • All in folder
 • All AVCHD view files

- option available only with View mode set to AVCHD
View mode  • Still
 • MP4
Determines which files are visible during playback (you cannot view all three simultaneously)
Slide show  • Repeat
 • Interval
1 sec
3 sec
5 sec
10 sec
30 sec
 • Image type
Display 3D only
 • Enter
 • Cancel
Image index  • 4 images *
 • 9 images *
3D viewing   For viewing 3D panoramas on a 3D-compatible TV-set
Protect  • Multiple images
Selection screen
 • Cancel all images
Specify Printing  • DPOF setup
Multiple images
Cancel all
 • Date imprint
 • Enter
 • Cancel
Page two
Volume settings Select 0-7  
Playback Display  • Auto Rotate
 • Manual Rotate

Memory menu

This is the menu in which you format the card as well as create and manage storage folders.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Format  • Enter
 • Cancel
Formats the memory card
File number  • Series
 • Reset
Folder name  • Standard form
 • Date form
Select REC folder  • 100MSDCF
 • 101MSDCF
 • etc.
New folder  • OK Creates a new running number folder
Recover image DB  • Enter
 • Cancel
Display card space  • OK Shows remaining capacity on storage card

Clock menu

We're not quite sure why the date and time settings in this menu merit an individual tab as most users will only change their camera's system time very rarely (if at all).

Option Values / Actions Notes
Date/Time setup  • Date - Time
 • Date format
Area setting Select your location from map display  

Setup menu

The last menu is the Setup menu which allows you to configure general camera settings such as screen brightness, USB transfer modes and language. You can also reset camera and shooting settings to their factory defaults.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Menu start *  • Top
 • Previous
Determines where you re-enter the menu system
LCD brightness  • Auto
 • Manual
Low (-2) to High (+2)
 • Sunny weather
Viewfinder brightness  • Auto
 • Manual
Low (-2) to High (+2)
Eco mode *  • Max
 • Standard
Sets the strength of the power save feature
Power save  • 30 min
 • 5 min
 • 1 min
 • 20 sec
 • 10 sec
The amount of time before the camera enters 'sleep' state, it can be woken by a half-press of the shutter release or one of the LCD buttons.
HDMI resolution *  • Auto
 • 1080p
 • 1080i
Sets output when connected to an HDMI device
CTRL for HDMI  • On
 • Off
Allows camera control with TV remote when connected to a compatible TV
Page two
USB connection  • Auto
 • Mass storage
 • PTP
Audio signals  • On
 • Off
Cleaning mode  • Enter
 • Cancel
Performs auto sensor cleaning procedure
Page three
Version Displays firmware version  
Language  • English
 • French
 • Spanish
 • Italian
 • German
 • Portuguese
 • Dutch
 • Russian
 • Swedish
 • Danish
 • Norwegian
 • Finnish
 • Polish
 • Czech
 • Hungarian
 • Greek
 • Turkish
Varies by region
Mode dial guide  • On
 • Off
Onscreen explanation of shooting modes as you select them
Demo mode  • On
 • Off
Initialize  • Reset default
 • Rec mode reset *
 • Custom reset *
Resets camera, shooting and custom settings to their defaults