NEX-6 Menus

The NEX-6's menu system is essentially the same as that of the more expensive NEX-7, with just minor changes. Now that the NEX-6 has a physical mode dial, there's no longer a need for a virtual one, so that option has been removed. The new addition is for accessing what Sony calls PlayMemories Camera Apps, which are add-ons which you can download to the camera via Wi-Fi or USB (more on that later).

Pressing the 'Menu' button first brings up this entry screen. The menus are divided into six sections, but it can take quite some time to familiarize yourself with where each option lives - the ordering isn't entirely intuitive. By default, the NEX-6 provides descriptions of most menu items.

The NEX family's most annoying characteristic is the labyrinthine interdependency of the available menu options. Depending on your current settings, certain options will appear greyed-out and unavailable - for example you're not allowed to configure focus peaking in the Custom menu unless the focus is set to MF in the Camera menu.

To its credit, the NEX-6 will generally tell you why options are greyed out (assuming that you have the Help Guide turned on), but it still forces you to navigate to the conflicting option, modify it, then return to the setting you wanted to change in the first place. And, in some cases, it will sullenly inform you 'This function is currently disabled', offering no hint as to why. Mercifully once you've worked out how you want to set the camera up for everyday shooting, and have configured the soft keys to your satisfaction, you can ignore the menus almost completely.

Another issue with the menu system is that a lot of scrolling is involved. Combine the long list of options and a large font and you'll be spinning the dials on NEX-6 quite a bit.

Camera Menu

Most options set via the Camera menu use a 'virtual dial' on the live view display, with options set using the soft keys. Exiting these takes you directly back to live view, rather than to the menu itself, which some users may find irritating.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Drive mode  • Single
 • Continuous
 • Speed priority continuous
 • Self-timer
2 sec
10 sec
 • Self-timer (Cont.)
10 sec / 3 image
10 sec / 5 image
 • Bracket : Cont.
0.3 EV
0.7 EV
1.0 EV
2.0 EV
3.0 EV
 • Remote Commander
Flash Mode  • Fill-flash
 • Slow Sync.
 • Rear Sync
 • Wireless
 • Flash Off
 • Autoflash
Wireless control not available using built-in flash, only with external unit.

Auto and flash off options only available automatic shooting modes.
AF/MF select  • Autofocus
 • Direct Manual Focus (DMF)
 • Manual Focus
DMF mode is autofocus, but allows manual focus adjustment too
Autofocus Area  • Flexible Spot
 • Multi
 • Center
Autofocus Mode  • Single Shot AF
 • Continuous AF
Object Tracking  • Off
 • On
Zoom  • Off
 • On
Allows you to adjust the amount of Clear Image and Digital Zoom (described later) being applied, using the rear dial.
Face Detection  • Off
 • On
 • On (Registered faces)
Face detection can be set to work with registered faces only, with the camera ignoring strangers.
Face Registration  • New Registration
 • Order exchanging
 • Delete
 • Delete All
Add a new person to the camera's facial recognition database, change their "rank", or delete one or all of them.
Smile Shutter  • Off
 • On
Normal Smile
Big Smile
Slight Smile
Smile shutter can be configured according to the habitual sullenness of your friends and acquaintances
Auto Portrait Framing  • Auto
 • Off
Soft Skin Effect  • Off
 • On
Shooting Tip List  • Basic Techniques
 • Portraits
 • Landscapes
 • Night Scenes
 • Shooting close-up with Macro
 • Shooting a subject in motion
Most of the NEX-6's Shooting Tips are contextual. If you want to browse through them all, choose this option.
LCD Display (DISP)  • Graphic Display
 • Display All Info
 • Big Font Size Disp
 • No Disp. Info
 • Level
 • Histogram
 • For Viewfinder
The options available here are contingent on those selected in the 'DISP Button (Monitor)' Menu (see below)
Finder Display (DISP)  • Display Basic Info
 • Level
 • Histogram
DISP Button (Monitor)  • Graphic Display
 • Display All Info
 • Big Font Size Disp
 • No Disp. Info
 • Level
 • Histogram
 • For Viewfinder
Allows you to select which display modes are available on the rear screen

Image Size menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Still  • Image Size
L: 16M (3:2), 14M (16:9)
M: 8.4M (3:2), 7.1M (16:9)
S: 4.0M (3:2) 3.4M (16:9)
 • Aspect Ratio
 • Quality
JPEG quality is set to "fine" when shooting RAW + JPEG.
Panorama  • Image Size
 • Panorama Direction
Movie  • File Format
 • Record Setting
60i 24M (FX)
60i 17M (FH)
60p 28M (PS)
24p 24M (FX)
24p 17M (FH)