Studio Tests - APS-C format

The 24mm F2 performs very well on APS-C - there's really very little to complain about here. Sharpness is high, and chromatic aberration, vignetting and distortion all very low.

Sharpness Sharpness is high and impressively even across the frame wide open at F2. It increases a little towards the corners on stopping down, but not much. Very best results are seen around F4 - 5.6; at apertures smaller than about F11, diffraction starts to visibly degrade the overall sharpness.
Chromatic Aberration Lateral chromatic aberration is very low, with just a hint of green / magenta fringing towards the corners of the frame.
Falloff We consider falloff to become perceptible when the corner illumination falls to more than 1 stop less than the center. As usual for a full-frame lens used on APS-C, there's really nothing to worry about here.
Distortion Distortion is very low, at 0.5% barrel - nothing you're ever likely to see.

Macro Focus

Wide angle lenses may not spring to mind as the obvious choice for close-ups, but the 24mm F2 doesn't do at all badly in this regard. Our measured minimum focus distance is just 18.5cm, giving a rather tight working distance of about 6.5cm from the front of the lens to the subject, and a maximum magnification of 0.3x.

Image quality on APS-C is more than acceptable, with impressive sharpness across the frame when stopped down to just F2.8. Barrel distortion is clearly visible, but there's scarcely any lateral chromatic aberration.
Macro - 79 x 53 mm coverage
Distortion: moderate barrel
Corner softness: low
Focal length: 24mm (36mm equivalent)