Snapjoy's new app puts all your images in your pocket, organized in a timeline format.

Snapjoy for iOS, free in the Apple App Store

Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later, iPod touch (3rd generation) and later and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. 

Snapjoy now has an iOS app that lets you view every image you've uploaded to its online photo storage service in timeline view.

After a a quick play with the app, I was wowed at how quickly I was able to set up the service and start reviewing several months of my life by the images I had been taking on not just a particular day, but also the general time of day. Even having never used Snapjoy before, it was simple enough to do all from my iPhone 5. 

Snapjoy's app for iOS offers intuitive viewing of all your images not just by date ...
... but also by time of day. 

The app doesn't support image upload from your mobile device, but I was able to upload my Instagram and Flickr photos from my phone through Snapjoy's desktop client using Safari. Snapjoy also supports upload from Picasa Web and from your computer, and offers a desktop uploader called Shoebox for Mac and Windows on its website. Snapjoy supports  JPEG files, and new users start off with 5 GB of free storage space. Users can earn more storage space through actions such as connecting their Instagram account, or purchase additional storage. 

For now, the app is a well-organized way to view your library of images stored through Snapjoy. The Shuffle button, available from the Timeline home screen is also fun -- tap it to view a single image selected at random. The service offers several more features not accessible in-app currently, such as Copy (which lets you add friends' photos to your own timeline), so users will want to access the service from their computer in order to take full advantage of Snapjoy.

Update: Snapjoy spokesperson Dustin Henderlong has let us know that mobile uploads will be the biggest feature of the app's first update. We're looking forward to it.