Base / Tripod Mount

On the base of the SD9 you will find a metal tripod mount aligned with the center line of the lens. Unfortunately it's not aligned with the focal plane of the camera which is unusual for a D-SLR. Despite this there is sufficient body around the mount to still provide a firm grip to most tripod plates.

Flash Hot-shoe

The SD9's flash hot-shoe has a single X-sync contact and three electronic flash connectors for use with Sigma's own STTL flash units the EF-500 DG Super SA and EF-500 DG ST SA. There is also a PC Sync terminal adapter (ST-11) which can be used to trigger studio / external flash units.

Lens Mount / Dust Protector

The SD9 has a metal Sigma SA lens mount which appears to be very similar in design to a Canon lens mount (except that it's a few millimetres smaller). The lens release button is on the left of the mount. The SD9 also has a fairly unique 'Dust Protector' filter just behind the lens mount, this is designed to stop dust from entering the mirror / shutter chamber and collecting on the sensor surface (the bane of many D-SLR users). It is possible to remove this filter (very carefully) should it become necessary to clean the sensor.

The Dust Protector is a good idea, however Sigma's QC needs a close look, the camera we had for testing had a considerable amount of dust already on the sensor surface which took some time to remove (this of course should not be necessary at all). Time will tell how well this dust protector actually functions.

Supplied In the Box

Slightly surprisingly there are no batteries supplied with the SD9, this means you'll have to get two CR-123A's as well as a set of four AA's or two CR-V3's. There is also no Compact Flash card provided, although this is not unusual for a digital SLR.

The contents of the retail box are:

• Sigma SD9 SLR Digital Camera
• LCD Monitor Cover
• Strap
• Finder Cap
• AC Adapter (SAC-1)
• IEEE 1394 (Firewire) cable
• USB cable
• Video cable
• Sigma Photo Pro CD-ROM (Win & Mac)
• Instruction Manual, Warranty