Compared to the Canon EOS-D60 contd.

Studio flash scene comparison (part one)

Note that the EOS-D60 shot was taken at F14 to match the brightness of the SD9 image, the lens was tested at a range of apertures and found to be no softer at F14 than at F13.

Camera settings:

  • Sigma SD9: manual exposure, High resolution, Manual WB, Sigma 50 mm F2.8 lens
  • Canon EOS-D60: manual exposure, default params, Manual WB, RAW, Sigma 50 mm F2.8 lens

Raw converter settings:

  • Sigma Photo Pro: default processing, output 8-bit TIFF (sRGB)
  • Canon File Viewer Utility: default settings, output 8-bit TIFF (sRGB)

Comparison at original image size

Crops below were taken directly from TIFF files converted as per the notes above, these crops were then magnified 200% (nearest neighbour interpolation).

Sigma SD9, 2268 x 1512 Canon EOS-D60, 3072 x 2048
ISO 100, F13, 1/180 sec ISO 100, F14, 1/160 sec
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Again the SD9's X3 sensor achieving amazing levels of detail and sharpness, from this comparison the EOS-D60 doesn't seem to have any resolution advantage, indeed in some places the SD9 manages to resolve detail which is either blurred or pixel bridged on the D60 image. Note that the crayon color on the SD9 image has entered overexposure and that the orange crayon is very near to clipping (this could be managed by applying different adjustment parameters in Photo Pro). I'm also unhappy with the SD9's green response, the lime looks almost grey, the D60 does a much better job.