Compared to the Canon EOS-D60 contd.

Outdoor scene comparison (part two)

Camera settings:

  • Sigma SD9: manual exposure, High resolution, Manual WB, Sigma 50 mm F2.8 EX macro lens
  • Canon EOS-D60: manual exposure, default params, Manual WB, RAW, Sigma 50 mm F2.8 EX macro lens

Raw converter settings:

  • Sigma Photo Pro: default processing, output 8-bit TIFF (sRGB)
  • Canon File Viewer Utility: default settings, output 8-bit TIFF (sRGB)

Comparison with an enlarged SD9 image

I thought it may be interesting to see how well the SD9 image enlarges. To do this the SD9 image was output from Photo Pro using the 'double size' option (creating a 4536 x 3024 output image, click here to download - 5,285 KB). This enlarged image was then loaded in Photoshop and reduced in size to match the EOS-D60 image size (3072 x 2048). Crops below were then taken from the original EOS-D60 TIFF (as above) and this newly created SD9 enlargement. Crops were then magnified 200% (nearest neighbour interpolation).

Sigma SD9, 3072 x 2048 Canon EOS-D60, 3072 x 2048
ISO 100, F11, 1/125 sec ISO 100, F11, 1/160 sec
N/A 2,897 KB

At this stage I'm thinking "this is getting interesting". As you can see the SD9 image enlarges quite well, and it shows that it's carrying at least as much resolution / detail as the EOS-D60. I for one did not expect this result but am pleasantly surprised. It's worth noting that the D60's image is cleaner, there are a few line edge artifacts in the SD9 image especially around highlight detail (looks like CA).