Main Camera Menu (Shooting Mode)

Pressing the MENU button in shooting mode (no image displayed) enters the main camera menu. Layout is straightforward enough, just use the up/down arrows to navigate through the various settings, press either right arrow or OK to change the currently selected setting.

Main Menu Options

Main Menu Options Notes
Camera Info...  • Enter Displays a screen of camera information
White Balance  • Auto
 • Sunlight
 • Shade
 • Overcast
 • Incandescent
 • Fluorescent
 • Flash
 • Custom
Custom option is not available unless you have previously set a custom WB
Set Custom WB...  • Enter Displays a dialog, press OK to take an exposure of a grey / white card which will be used as the basis for custom white balance
Date/Time  • Enter Set camera date, time and display format
Language  • English
 • Japanese
 • German
 • French
Quick Preview  • Off
 • 2 sec
 • 5 sec
 • 10 sec
 • Hold
When set to 'Hold' the camera will display the preview image until the shutter release is re-pressed
Preview Style  • Image only
 • Info screen
If set to 'Info screen' a histogram and detailed exposure info is shown
Exposure Warning  • On
 • Off
When enabled overexposed areas of the image are shown in bright red
Info Strip  • Exposure Info
 • Date / Time
The Info Strip is the line of information above the image in Preview / View mode
OK Shortcut  • None
 • Lock / Unlock
 • Mark / Unmark
 • Rotate CW
 • Rotate CCW
 • Exposure Warning
Allows you to assign a function to the OK button when in View mode. This can be useful for quickly rotate or marking images.
Format CF Card  • Enter  
File Numbering  • Continuous
 • Auto reset
LCD Brightness  • Dim
 • Normal
 • Bright
LCD Contrast  • High
 • Medium
 • Low
LCD Sleep  • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 2 min
 • 5 min
 • 10 min
 • 15 min
 • 30 min
 • Off
Auto Power Off  • 10 sec
 • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 5 min
 • Off
Key Sound  • Long
 • Short
 • Off
Video Mode  • NTSC
 • PAL
Firmware Version  • Enter  
Camera Reset  • Enter  

Modify Menu (View Mode)

The Modify Menu is accessed by pressing the MOD button with an image displayed (after pressing VIEW). From this menu you can lock (set read-only), mark (for future selection), rotate or begin a slideshow of images.

Modify Menu Options

Modify Menu Options Notes
Lock  • Lock
 • Lock all marked
 • Lock all
 • Unlock all
Locking an image is the same as 'Protect' on other digital SLR's and simply marks the file as read-only on the FAT filesystem. This doesn't protect images from a CF Format.
Mark  • Mark
 • Mark all
 • Unmark all
Marked images can be later selected for various functions. A mark is also carried through to Photo Pro.
Rotate  • Rotate CW
 • Rotate CCW
Rotation is stored in the image header and is recognized by Photo Pro later.
Slideshow  • Resume show
 • Show all
 • Show marked
 • Show locked
 • Settings...

Delete Menu (View Mode)

The Delete Menu is accessed by pressing the DEL button with an image displayed (after pressing VIEW). From this menu you can delete the current image, marked images, all images and uniquely even recover the last deletion. This ability to 'undelete' is unique to the SD9 and will I'm sure be very welcome.

Delete Menu Options

Delete Menu Options Notes
Delete  • Current image
 • All marked
 • All
 • Recover last delete