Preview after shutter release

If enabled the SD10 will provide an instant preview of the image taken after the shutter release. As the SD10 is a shooting priority camera you can cancel this display at any time by half-pressing the shutter release. During this record preview you can press the DEL button to delete the image (uniquely you can also undelete any image deletion).

Recent Videos

Note: As with the SD9 the SD10's video output wasn't as good as the image on the LCD monitor. Just as you push the video cable into the socket you can see the on-screen display resizing. That is why text on the captures below looks uneven. We also noted a problem with NTSC output where sometimes the top of the image has a hue shift.

If you have Preview Style set to 'Image only' you will see this display which is a full screen representation of the image taken along with the Info Strip along the top of the screen. If you have Preview Style set to 'Info Screen' you will see this display. A thumbnail representation of the image, an RGB histogram and detailed file and exposure information.

View mode

The VIEW button is used to enter the SD10's view (play) mode, from here you can browse through your images (using the four way controller), examine under magnification or organize (delete) your images. As with record preview a half or full press of the shutter release immediately cancels play mode and the camera is ready to shoot.

Press the VIEW button to display the last image taken (or the last image on the CF card). Press the INFO button to switch to the detailed histogram and exposure information view. Kudos for the RGB histogram which can be very useful for checking the overall color and white balance of an image.
If 'Exposure Warning' is enabled any area of the image which is overexposed (or near) will be highlighted in bright red. (Note: exposure warning can be toggled via a short cut). Press the minus (-) button to switch to a 3 x 3 (9 image) thumbnail index. Use four way controller to navigate, press minus again to enter 'jump mode' where you can jump a page of 9 thumbnails at a time.
Press the plus (+) button to magnify the image, note that a rough magnification is shown at first which is quickly replaced by the full detail. Magnification levels available are 25%, 50%, 100%, 200% and 400%. Another unique feature to the SD9 / SD10 is the ability to magnify in histogram mode, when magnified the histogram represents the magnified portion shown.