Rear of camera controls

On the rear of the camera are a column of five buttons to the right of the LCD monitor which are used for interaction with the monitor and menus. The OK / Cancel buttons (now color coded in blue and red) are used to confirm menus or actions and above these is the four way controller which is used to browse through images or navigate menus. To the right under your thumb are the minus and plus buttons used to change magnification level in playback mode. A full description of the function of each button can be found below.


Icon Description

Enters or leaves the camera's menu system, described on the following pages.
VIEW (play)

Enters or leaves view (play) mode, this displays the last image taken or the last image on the Compact Flash card. Depending on the previously selected view mode this will either be a full screen single image or a thumbnail with histogram and exposure information.
INFO (information)

Used to switch between single image view and thumbnail with histogram and exposure information. In single image view you also have an 'Info Strip' which can display either exposure or date/time information. It would have been useful if this button doubled as a shortcut to the 'Camera Info' menu option when not in view mode.
MOD (modify)

With the camera in View mode this displays the Modify menu which can be used to Lock, Mark or Rotate the current image or begin a Slideshow of images.
DEL (delete)

In record review provides the option to delete the image taken, in view mode provides the option to delete the current image, all images or recover the last deletion (a unique feature).

Used to confirm / select menu options as well as other functions such as image deletion.

Used to cancel menu options / dialogs.
Zoom out

In magnify view this button is used to step out a zoom level. If not magnified it switches to a 3 x 3 (9 image) thumbnail index.
Zoom in

Used to enter magnified view mode, this works in either full screen single image view or the histogram / thumbnail view mode. When you zoom the camera progressively loads and decodes more detail as required. If in histogram mode the histogram shown represents the currently magnified area (useful for checking white balance).

Note that the SD10 is a shooting priority camera, this means that at any time you can shoot with the camera no matter what mode the LCD monitor is currently in (menu / view etc.).

Front of camera controls

The the front of the camera the only two controls / buttons are beside the lens mount. At the bottom left of the lens mount is the lens release button, hold and twist the lens counter clockwise to remove. At the top right of the lens mount is the small depth-of-field preview button, quite a logical location for this as it's just under your left thumb.