Quick review & review display modes

By default the DP2 provides a two second quick review display immediately after the shot is taken, this can be disabled or extended to 5 or 10 seconds. If you think the preview takes too long you can manually cut it short by half-pressing the shutter button. You cannot zoom or switch between pictures during quick review.

Press the view button to switch to image review. This mode offers three levels of information (see below). You can switch between them by pressing the display button.

Display modes

There are three display modes available in record review / play.

1: Large image + limited shooting info, including optional highlight warning. 2: Large image, no image information
3: Small image + histogram + image quality & size + image number + ISO + shooting mode + shutter speed + aperture + metering mode + date & time. Depending on your shooting settings more information might be displayed.  

Play magnification

The DP2 has dedicated magnify buttons and provides ten zoom steps up to a maximum of 10x magnification.

Other Play displays

The DP2 provides a 3 x 3 thumbnail index. You can use the four-way-controller to move around images and scroll from page to page. When pressing the delete button in review mode you can delete a single image, all marked images or all images on the card.