Smart Filters/Magic Frames

The NX200 offers a selection of image processing filters, which Samsung calls Smart Filters. Slightly confusingly, these appear with Magic Frames on the 'Magic' position on the mode dial, not the 'Smart' position (which engages the Smart Auto exposure mode). Both Smart Filters and Magic Frames are JPEG only and (unlike the filters on the Olympus PEN) you cannot capture any raw files with them.

The NX200's Smart Filters are the kind of fun processing options that appear on most modern cameras. There's an interesting range of options, some of which we think produce more desirable effects than others.

The Smart Filters are generally pretty good; offering a mixture of the familiar (a Vignetting and a Miniature mode), with the original (Halftone Dots). Most of them are quite attractive, though we're not impressed with the 'Old Film' options that put a very crude renditions of scratches and dust spots on the image.

Fish Eye
Old Film 2
Old Film 1
Soft Focus

Magic Frames, meanwhile, are a series of stock images that act as frames, into which you can shoot 2MP images.

The Magic Frame option sits alongside the Smart Filter mode when you turn the NX200's mode dial to 'Magic' The Magic Frames are rather fun but unlikely to have much long-term appeal. There are some odd quirks in the currently available choices.

We're not sure how valuable people will find these (they're certainly more limiting that the Smart Filters), and feel a couple of them come from the baffling end of quirky. It's not clear why, for instance, the unfurled parchment on a beach is called 'Old Film' nor why the 'Old Record' scene combines examples of sheet music with a semi-transparent record about 'abnormal psychology.' We're not sure many people will want the words 'Neurotic Behavior' superimposed over them.

Sunny Day
Classic TV
Wall Art
Billboard 1
Billboard 2
Old Album
Old Film
Full Moon
Old Record