Base / Tripod Mount

The NX10 has a metal tripod mount, which should reduce concerns about stripping its thread. It's perfectly lined up with the lens but the camera is so small that you'll need a tiny tripod plate to change the battery without first taking it off the tripod. The base isn't rubberized, but does have some ridges to stop it sliding around on a tripod.

Pop-up Flash

The NX10's small pop-up flash has a Guide Number of 11, which is rather on the anemic side. The flash is activated using a small button on the top plate (it pop ups automatically when needed in full auto and scene modes).

AF Assist

The NX10 has a small green focussing-assist lamp on the front plate (to the left of the lens), meaning you don't have to flip the flash to gain focus in low light. It's not the most discreet solution but it's less disturbing than having a strobing flash pointed at you.

Flash Hot-shoe

The NX10 features a hot shoe that will work with Samsung dedicated flashguns, including the rather cute bounceable SEF20A (see below) and larger SEF42A.

K-mount adapter

Samsung also sells an adapter that allows the use of K-mount lenses, including Pentax and the Schneider-branded lenses sold for Samsung's GX10 and 20 DSLRs. Samsung sent us a pre-production version to allow us to use our standard Pentax 50mm prime lens for the review. As you can see below, there is a ring to allow control of the aperture on lenses without their own aperture rings (it can also be used to quickly open the aperture up to aid fine focus). The ring isn't marked and, on this pre-production version at least, moved very easily between click-stops, making it almost impossible to know what f-stop you've selected.

Because it's a 'dumb' mount with no electrical connections, no information about focusing or aperture is communicated back to the camera. As a result the camera doesn't know to engage magnified live view and will report the last-used aperture in the EXIF of any images shot with the adapter.

Lens Mount / sensor

The NX system uses a totally new lens mount that's smaller than most SLRs and just a touch larger than Micro Four Thirds. Like these cameras, if you remove the lens you'll be confronted with the rather disconcerting sight of an exposed APS-C sensor (around 1.5x bigger than its Micro Four Thirds competitors). The focal plane shutter stays open until the point an exposure is made.

As with Micro Four THirds cameras, the sensor is always exposed (the shutter blades are more delicate than the sensor, so are kept out of the way). The NX10 can shake its low-pass filter to remove dust and can be set to always do this at startup. During our testing on several occasions managed to collect some dust that wouldn't be shaken off in this way.

The new NX mount with exposed APS-C sensor. The flange-sensor distance (25.5mm) is slightly longer than Micro Four Thirds, although the NX10 remains impressively slim.

Supplied In the Box

The Samsung NX10 body is supplied as:

  • Samsung NX10 Camera body
  • BP1310 Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • BC1310 battery charger
  • AC cable for charger
  • USB connection cable
  • Software CD (Samsung Master, Samsung RAW Converter, QuickTime Player 7.6)
  • Strap
  • Body cap, Eye cup, Hot-shoe cover
  • Manuals