Video Mode

During video capture you can pause or stop recording or capture a still image.

Recording video on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge works the same way as on other recent Samsung devices and doesn't give you much control over the process. Pressing the video button starts recording and while recording you can pause, stop or capture a still image. HDR and effect filters are available too. 

Video resolution is accessible in the settings menu. Here you can choose from a range covering 640 x 440 pixels in a 4:3 aspect ratio to 4K recording in 16:9. Slow and Fast motion modes are accessed via the camera app's mode button.

A range of video resolutions up to 4K are at your disposal in the settings.

In the gallery app you'll find some very basic video editing options for cutting and clipping, but if you are planning to do some more comprehensive edits of your video footage you are best off with a third party video editing app from the Google Play Store.

Video sample 1: 1080p video in bright light

This video was shot handheld in bright sunshine using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's 1080p 30 fps video mode. Exposure and color are good. Motion is very smooth and image stabilization keeps things stable but there is just a little "jittering" noticeable around the edges of the frame. Focus is stable and the sound recording clear. Overall the Galaxy S6 Edge video mode performs well. 

Video sample 2: 1080p video in low light

This video was shot in very low light handheld. In this night scene a lot more noise and compression artifacts are visible. The focus is also a little more unstable but given the dim light the Samsung is doing quite well here.

Video sample 3: 4K video

This video was shot in good light using the S6 Edge's 4K video resolution. There is noticeably more detail in the 4K footage than the 1080p video but if you look closely you'll also see some pretty strong compression, for example in the sky. Nevertheless, if you own a 4K screen to watch it on it's well worth using the high resolution mode at least occasionally. 

Video sample 4: Slow motion video

After shooting a video in slow motion mode you can select the playback speed and the portion of the clip you want to slow down.

Like previous Samsung phones the Galaxy S6 Edge shoots slow motion video at speeds between 1/2 and 1/8th of the original speed which are all recorded in 720p resolution. Motion is very smooth and it's a great way of slowing down fast action. A portion of the video below has been slowed down to 1/4th of the original speed.