Front Cam

The Galaxy S6 Edge comes equipped with a 5MP front camera. Thanks to its fast F1.9 aperture it can keep the ISO down even in dimmer conditions, making it one of the best front cameras we have seen and a decent option for the occasional selfie. In low light the front camera uses a similar night mode as the main unit and you can use HDR mode and image effects as well. As you would expect, image quality still goes downhill as light gets darker, but nevertheless the Galaxy S6 front camera looks pretty good next to many competitors. 

Front cam, ISO 50
Front cam, ISO 80


Image effects can be selected on the main camera screen.

The Galaxy S6 Edge offers a range of filter effects that can be accessed straight from the main screen and are applied to the full-size image. There's also the option to download more of them if you're not satisfied with the default options. Some of the effects do a nice job but overall there are plenty of third-party apps on Google Play that give you more and better options. Nevertheless, a few built-in effects for a very quick edit can't do any harm. Below you can see a few samples.

No effect

Gallery and editing

Album screen
Thumbnail screen

The gallery app has been slightly freshened up in terms of layout and design, but essentially offers the same features and functions as previous versions. Images can be viewed by albums or date and you can filter to show people images or documents only. There is also a good range of editing options including rotation, cropping and a range of color and tonal modifications.

Additionally, there is a decent selection of filter effects options but serious filter users will probably download their favorite editing app from the Google Play Store. As usual on Android, images can be shared with any app that is capable of processing image files from the gallery. 

Sharing options
Filter effects