Image Quality Compared: Landscape


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is doing a decent job here in terms of exposure but if you zoom in to a pixel-level it becomes obvious that the S3 is applying quite aggressive sharpening to its image output. Edge-to-edge sharpness is good but fine low contrast detail has a 'mushy' appearance with some sharpening halos when viewed at 100%. The S3 has also rendered the scene in a very contrasty fashion, with some almost black areas in the foregorund and some 'blown' highlights on the buildings further back. This gives the image a crispy but slightly unnatural look.

In this comparison both the iPhone 5 and the Nokia 808 are performing better than the Samsung, with a much better detail in low-contrast areas of the frame. This is achieved through less aggressive lower-radius sharpening on these devices. The Nokia has the most subtle sharpening applied to its images which makes it come closest to quality digital camera output and most suitable for any post-editing that might be part of your mobile imaging workflow. Thanks to its unique sensor design the 808 is also the only phone in this comparison with a noticably better dynamic range then the rest. The iPhone, HTC and the Galaxy S3 all show a marked tendency to clip highlights.