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The concept of the Ricoh GXR with its interchangeable sensor/lens-units is absolutely unique in the digital camera market. There simply aren't any other modular cameras we could compare it to. So what we've done (just like in the GXR review with the A12 module) is compare the GXR/S10 combination to the compact and/or interchangeable lens cameras that come closest in terms of specification and features.

If you attach the S10 24-72mm lens module to the Ricoh GXR body the resulting camera is on paper pretty close to some of top-end digital compact cameras such as the Canon G11 or Panasonic LX3. However, at $990 for the GXR body and the S10 24-72mm lens module the Ricoh is significantly more expensive. You pay quite a premium for the ability to exchange lens modules.

For the image quality comparisons on the following pages we have also included the Panasonic GF1 with the 14-45mm kit lens (note that the sample images on the following pages have been taken with the Olympus Macro F2 lens). Its Micro Four Thirds sensor is much larger than the S10's 1/1.7 sensor but from a price point of view the cameras are very close. Last but not least we added the Ricoh GX200 to the list (but not the image quality comparisons). This camera's specification is very close to the GXR/S10 combination minus the ability to swap lens modules. However, the GX200 was launched in 2008 and at the time of writing is only still available at a small number of retailers.

The table below compares the key specifications of all the cameras above, including the 14-45mm kit lens of the GF1.

Camera Kit
35mm equiv. Video LCD Anti
(effective pixels)
Ricoh GRX/S10 $990 24-72mm VGA@30fps 3.0" / 920k pixels Sensor-shift 10.0 MP CCD (1/1.7)
Canon G11 $470 28-140mm VGA@30fps 2.8" / 461k pixels Lens-shift 10.0 MP CCD (1/1.7)
Panasonic LX3 $400 24-60mm VGA@30fps 3.0" / 460k pixels Lens-shift 10.1 MP CCD (1/1.63)
Panasonic GF1 with 14-45mm kit lens $900 28-90mm 720p@30fps 3.0" / 460k pixels Lens-option 12.1 MP LiveMOS (4/3)
Ricoh GX200 $440 24-72mm VGA@24fps 2.7" / 460k pixels Sensor-shift 12.10 MP CCD (1/1.7)

Ricoh GXR/S10 advantages

  • Large screen with highest resolution
  • Very solid metal body and excellent build quality
  • Interchangeable sensor/lens modules

Ricoh GXR/S10 disadvantages

  • Smaller sensor (compared to GF1)
  • Less sophisticated video mode than GF1 and many current compact cameras
  • Price, price, price