Record Review

You cannot change the type of record review screen (it doesn't for example match the current play mode display setting) - it simply shows the image just taken without any information (you can set the duration of the review image from 0 to 3 seconds, plus 'hold').


Display modes

The GXR provides four different display modes in playback, press the DISPLAY button to cycle through them.

1. Full screen image with no information 2. Full screen image with basic information overlaid
3: Full screen image with blinking highlights 4. Small image, full shooting information and Luminance histogram

Play magnification

In play mode the front control wheel (or 'Tele' zoom button) is used to change the magnification (up to 16x) and the arrow keys to scroll around the magnified image.

Play thumbnail index

Press the 'Wide' zoom button to switch to thumbnail index views, there are three different index views; 20 images (5x4), 63 images (7x9) with the ability to move a page at a time, and 81 images (9x9).


Other playback features

The GXR boasts a couple of useful 'post processing' in-camera JPEG correction options, most impressive of which is an auto and manual levels correction tool for sorting out exposure or contrast problems.

White balance correction Levels correction (manual)