On this page we'll cover the design specifics of the P10 28-300m VC module. Reading our in-depth Ricoh GXR/S10 review will give you a lot of additional information about the design, operation and handling of the GXR body and system.

With the P10 28-300mm module attached the GXR bears a close family resemblance to Ricoh's high end compacts (the GRD and GX series), with a similar design and control layout. It's (inevitably) quite a bit bigger than either of those models, being a lot closer in size to the Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic GF1, though with the zoom attached and powered down it's noticeably slimmer than either (and is a lot nearer to being genuinely pocketable). The body is built around a strong, light magnesium alloy chassis and finished with the same combination of textured metal and rubber as the GRD, giving it a serious, quality feel.

The P10 28-300mm module is marginally larger than its S10 sibling but from a distance the two modules are pretty much indistinguishable. Surprisingly the 28-300mm equivalent P10 28-300mm lens extends only marginally further than the S10's considerably 'shorter' 24-72mm counterpart.

Side by side

The three currently available GXR camera/lens modules in comparison. As you can see the two small-sensor modules (P10 28-300mm in the center and S10 on the right) are very similar in terms of dimensions, at least with the zoom lens retracted. The 50mm APS-C A12 module in contrast is much bulkier and makes the camera considerably less pocketable.

The table below shows that the GXR/P10 28-300mm combination is fairly compact compared to other cameras with interchangeable lenses (keep in mind though that those cameras feature larger sensors than the P10 28-300mm module). However, compared to models with similar sensor size and zoom range such as the Panasonic ZS7 or Canon SX210 IS, it is quite bulky.

The Ricoh GXR/P10 28-300mm next to the Panasonic TZ10 and Canon SX210 IS

To give you an idea of how the GXR compares with its most obvious competitors the table below shows how the dimensions compare when the lenses are taken into account. We've included a couple of 'Travel Zoom' compact cameras - the GXR's closest rivals when the P10 28-300mm module is attached and a few interchangeable lens cameras. Keep in mind though that the latter feature much larger sensors than the P10 28-300mm module.

Camera Lens (35mm equivalent focal length shown) Depth
Ricoh GXR 28-300mm P10 47mm (1.9 in)
Panasonic ZS7 25-300mm 30mm (1.2 in)
Canon SX200 IS 28-336mm 30mm (1.2 in)
Panasonic Lumix GF1* Panasonic 40mm F1.7 61.8mm (2.4 in)
Olympus E-P1* Olympus 35mm F2.8 57mm (2.25 in)
Sigma DP2* Sigma 41mm F2.8 60mm (2.2 in)
Ricoh GXR* 50mm F2.5 A12 74mm (2.9 in)

*These are large-sensor compact cameras and therefore not directly comparable to the GXR with P10 28-300mm module.